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Fashiontech Videdressing increases open and click rates by more than 15%

French Fashion technology company Videdressing, explains how the team has been able to shift from a small startup focus to offering a complete digital retail experience, adding emotional elements to the customer journey with the use of personalization in their communications.

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Standing out from the competition by offering an outstanding user experience

Being a player in such a competitive market as Fashion, Videdressing’s main objective has always been to remain trendy, particularly with strong competitors in the European market such as Vestiaire Collective and Vinted. 

With a large product catalog, affordable prices, and a wide community of over 1.5 million users across the world, the company has focused on establishing privileged relationships with their customers, and offering an outstanding user experience to both sellers and buyers on the platform.  

Guillaume Serr, CRM manager, explains how with Sendinblue they have been able to include emotional elements in a fully online customer journey, to drive engagement and loyalty by reassuring users every step of the way, with the use of automation, email marketing, data collection, and message personalization.

Unlocking the power of automation to drive conversion and support users

Since 2017, the company has come up with a strong strategy for their digital marketing efforts, and have shifted from a small startup mindset focused mostly on the fashion aspect of the business, to a complete digital retail offer. With this in mind, the company directors have since been constantly searching for innovative tools to help them personalize the shopping experience for their users. 

Besides offering a wide range of products in their catalog of over 950,000 items, at affordable prices for all kinds of fashion and luxury goods, Guillaume Serr explains how the company also has a focus on the need to offer secure transactions on their platform to reassure their buyers and sellers and increase their loyalty. For this part of their strategy, the company knew that automation was the right tool to drive conversions and support users along the customer journey. 

Having a very effective way of acquiring users’ emails from the homepage, the company has also included their email marketing as a key part of their global strategy, acknowledging the importance of this tool. Email is a relatively quick and easy part of our strategy. With email communications, we have two main objectives: to present the product and news to the users but also to support our customers on their purchasing experience.explains Serr. 

Appealing to clients' emotions with personalization

As an online fashion company, the Videdressing team is very much aware that the shopping experience needs to include emotional elements. To achieve this, the company has taken advantage of the personalization offered by the Sendinblue platform, so they can customize most of their communications and interactions with customers.We really focus on personalizing our communications with the tool. There are a lot of personalization elements present in our campaigns, particularly in the subject lines as well as in the content of our emails thanks to the conditional display feature  highlights Serr. 

To achieve this level of personalization and customization, the CRM Manager explains that the ability to collect user’s information, such as their favorite brand, their size, and preferred fit, is essential. With these criteria available, they can customize their messages whether in an email, push notifications, or on the website. 

For Guillaume Serr, automating their communications with Sendinblue has also been an important aspect of getting to offer a comprehensive experience  to users. The CRM manager explains that “after registering on our website, users are immediately added to a welcome sequence where we have various automation scenarios set up to connect with them from the beginning when they are still leads, to the point when they make purchases or sales on the platform.”.

Besides email automation, Videdressing has also taken advantage of the live chat feature offered by Sendinblue to take the relationship with their customers to the next level. Live Chat is a great addition to all the email campaigns we have since it allows us to reassure buyers or sellers when they visit the site. Additionally, it is a great internal tool as we can get direct feedback and a fairly large number of verbatims that allow us to constantly improve our product based on these comments.adds the CRM manager.

A more engaged community as a result of an efficient email marketing strategy

From the total community of over 1.5 million customers, around half a million customers have become regular readers of the monthly newsletter sent by Videdressing using Sendinblue. Guillaume Serr indicates the users are normally very reactive to the communications It’s very clear that our users expect this newsletter to land in the inbox regularly. And having an average open rate of 30% is a great positive indicator of this user behavior“.

After adopting the platform and adding personalized elements to all the interactions with the customers, Serr explains how the team has observed an increase in the campaign performance indicators When we personalize with the first name, for example, it drives really good results. Overall when the subject line of our newsletter is personalized, the opening rate increases by 20%, and when we also include customization elements in the body of the email the click rate increases by 15%

Additionally, with more than 50 automation scenarios constantly running, the team has seen outstanding results with Sendinblue, particularly for driving conversions and building loyalty. One example is when the first purchasing experience has not been successful. In this case, an automation scenario is triggered to reassure this future buyer. Also, since we collect information related to previous purchases and order history, this allows us, for example, to remind users of the profit they have made on their sales. We have seen this has a very strong impact on engagement. concludes Serr.

Company Information

Founded in 2009 by Meryl Job and Renaud Guillerm, Videdressing is a true pioneer in Fashion Tech, leading the luxury and second-hand fashion marketplace in France. With more than 1 million members and a catalog of 950,000 products online, Videdressing has redefined the world of buying and reselling fashion items. The company has a presence in France, Germany, Italy, and in English-speaking countries, with buyers and sellers from more than 100 countries. Defined as a community of fashion enthusiasts, the company intends to revolutionize the way of consuming and living fashion. Users can launch their own online store, to sell and find pieces at competitive prices, follow other users' style and like their articles.

  • Industry: Retail / Fashion
  • Company Size: 25 employees
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Website:
  • Plan: Premium

Guillaume Serr, CRM Manager at Videdressing

“When the subject line of our newsletter is personalized, the opening rate increases by 20%, and when we also include customization elements in the body of the email the click rate increases by 15%.”

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