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NOTSHY improves their e-commerce operation with automation and transactional emails

The premium ready-to-wear French brand explains how Sendinblue has supported them in accelerating their e-commerce activities and meeting their current and future digital marketing needs.

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A brand in constant evolution

Since 2016, NOTSHY, a premium ready-to-wear French brand specializing in cashmere, has switched to a retail activity after initially focusing on the wholesale market. Between the launch of their online shop and the opening of stores, the brand is constantly evolving to adapt to the expectations of their customers. NOTSHY targets a mature female clientele, both French and European, who are looking for chic and comfortable silhouettes.

Marjorie Canet, e-commerce manager at NOTSHY, has chosen Sendinblue for the brand’s digital marketing activities. Canet explains the specific impact that marketing automation and transactional email have had on their various online shopping operations. The manager also describes how the platform supports its strong growth daily and has enabled them to successfully meet the challenges they have faced during the Covid health crisis.

Finding the right marketing tool to adapt to their customers' needs

When Marjorie Canet joined NOTSHY in 2020, she started with a complete overhaul of the brand’s website, which had become obsolete and no longer met the needs of their customers.

At that time, the digital marketing tool they were using did not allow them to manage their databases properly, so Canet began searching for a platform that could offer the team more flexibility, better quality contacts, and features that were aligned with their new activities.

As a previous user of Sendinblue in her past work experiences, Canet knew that the simplicity and the easy implementation, as well as the online resources offered by Sendinblue, would help her team get started faster, an important factor that caught her interest. I had a very good impression of the platform, and it’s very accessible,she adds. Besides, for the deployment of the new site, the brand collaborated with an online agency that had good knowledge of Sendinblue and a positive experience with the platform.

The native integration with Prestashop and the possibilities offered by the marketing automation feature included in the Premium offer, reassured Canet in her decision, on top of the satisfactory exchanges she had with the Sendinblue team. The salesperson took the time to listen to me and offered me two plans related to my needs. He gave me time to reflect and analyze the offer, and accompanied me until the end of the selling process,” emphasizes Canet.

Leveraging data to align with the preferences of their clients

To ensure smooth functioning of the platform, and to see an immediate impact, Canet first looked at the integration between the platform and Prestashop, where the brand hosts the online store. For me, having a first and last name just wasn’t good enough”, she specifies, beyond the traditional data of basket and purchases over 30 days, we also back up the date of birth, the language preference, and the zip code”. The goal of the e-commerce team is to use this data to provide relevant offers aligned with the preferences of their customers.

Canet also focused on the migration of contact data. At the same time, her team, composed of an e-shop manager, a customer experience specialist, and a person in charge of the online stock, got trained on how to use the platform and sent out the first newsletter. Image-to-text proportions, personalization of content, and tracking of metrics were just some of the actions taken by the team to achieve their expected results. With the tool, it is very easy to build skills, even for a junior profile. The tutorials and explanations provided online are particularly useful for thissays Canet.

Quickly after implementing the tool, the team also transferred all of their transactional emails, such as order confirmations, to the Sendinblue platform.It’s easier to handle and customize in Sendinblue. We run tests to monitor how our customers react to different positions of the brand explains the manager.

The team has also implemented the first automation scenario to chase abandoned carts, and Canet now plans to launch one new scenario every month, or even two. I found support very easily with the help center and the videos. I love working on automation, it’s the best lever. It’s magical to use data to sell! ”.

As part of the Premium plan, NOTSHY also benefits from access to the online chat feature, SMS campaigns, Facebook ads, and retargeting campaigns. Canet indicates she is investigating the possibility of including these features to benefit even more from having all of her digital marketing activities centralized in one platform.

More efficient email campaigns and full reports to keep optimizing their strategy

Even though the brand has only recently implemented Sendinblue, Canet is already satisfied with the results. It’s a very good platform for a business with a structure like ours. The pricing is attractive and aligned with our budget.” she specifies. In addition to saving time to set up her campaigns, she particularly appreciates the heat map that she did not have with her former supplier, which allows her to optimize her campaigns as well as raise awareness internally.

As NOTSHY prepares for the holiday season, during which the brand hopes to further accelerate its growth, Canet “wants to be ready regarding personalization and have several automation scenarios in place.She already considers the brand content to be of better quality due to the agility of the platform and the possibilities offered by Sendinblue, such as the customization of the font. Also, the systematic recording of the express consent of subscribers allows them to stay GDPR-compliant.

Additionally, the reports based on the different contact lists also make a difference. Canet notes that the e-commerce channel is quite receptive to their digital marketing actions, which is information she did not have before.Now I have the big picture I needed. I log into Sendinblue every day as I log into Google Analytics, to track my results,she explains.

The manager also sees the value of a long-term partnership with Sendinblue. If the Premium plan she has chosen ever becomes insufficient to her given her evolving needs, Canet knows she can count on the support of a dedicated Customer Success Manager by switching to the Enterprise plan. In this case, the dedicated expert would provide further knowledge to the team to help them accelerate their growth even more. Sendinblue doesn’t just meet my immediate needs as I’m aware they might change tomorrow. The most exceptional gain is the marketing automation that awaits us ”, concludes Marjorie Canet.

Company Information

As a premium ready-to-wear brand specializing in cashmere, NotShy has been offering a modern, chic-casual, and comfortable option for women's wardrobe for more than 20 years, while maintaining an eco-friendly approach. Initially focused on wholesale, the French brand switched to retail less than four years ago. In a phase of strong growth, particularly in its online store, NotShy achieved 1 million euros in sales in 2019 and does not intend to stop there. The brand is capitalizing on its digital marketing activities to increase its market share in Europe and to build customer loyalty.

  • Industry: Retail / Fashion
  • Company Size: 100 employees
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Website:
  • Plan: Premium

Marjorie Canet, E-commerce Manager at NOTSHY

“I can centralize everything on a single platform, I log in on one tool and I visualize my results very easily on my dashboard.”

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