Love Energy Savings increases lead generation and conversion thanks to Sendinblue all-in-one platform

Discover how the team at Love energy Savings has developed several effective CRM journeys with Sendinblue that has shown an increase in lead generation, also involving effective touchpoints for driving conversion and loyalty.

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On a mission to help small and medium size businesses save money

Following the company’s mission of helping small and medium size businesses save money on their business essentials, Love Energy Savings delivers best in class customer service, through an omni-channel approach based on customers wants and needs. 

In 2019, Tom Spoelstra joined the team as an e-CRM manager to build the company’s CRM strategy from the ground and create efficient and personalized customer journeys thanks to data segmentation and automated email campaigns, with the objectives of converting leads, retaining customers, and increasing the average customer value. At the time, the company was using an email platform that was very limited in terms of functionality, only allowing them to import contacts and send campaigns. The manager immediately knew his team needed a new solution to work on the different CRM projects he had envisioned to achieve the team objectives.

On the look for a robust platform to segment users and build customer journeys

The team at Love Energy Savings are focused on helping their small and medium sized business save money on their business essentials and wanted to enhance and drive effectiveness of their eCRM activity.

For this reason, they needed a robust platform that could help them segment users, and build customer journeys and funnels thanks to contact attributes, a CRM feature, and a powerful automation tool.

“I remember sitting down and thinking of every possible feature I would need to cover all our planned activities,” explains Spoelstra. “It was a long checklist because I was looking for a platform that also included transactional emails, SMS marketing, automation, dynamic segmentation, and that was very user-friendly”.

After doing research, he decided to create a free account with Sendinblue and trial the features before making a final decision. “We chose Sendinblue because it offered us everything we needed, and it was the most user-friendly tool we tried. We wanted to make the most of a platform, and Sendinblue offers so many features at a very competitive price, so it’s definitely worth it.”

An complete platform for all the company's CRM activities

Following the trial, the team at Love Energy Savings acquired a Premium plan and was able to set up the platform smoothly and use it autonomously from the beginning. Sendinblue is very easy to navigate. Shortly after paying for our plan, we were customizing templates, sending campaigns, and creating new customer journeys thanks to the addition of attributes” explains Spoelstra. 

The objective of the company’s CRM personalized journeys is to optimize conversion on all their channels and to ensure cohesiveness at each touchpoint in the lead journey. “Since we get a lot of visitors, we use the Sendinblue forms in many of our pages, to capture the lead information and offer them the most convenient way to get in touch with us. One of the most effective and important forms we have created with Sendinblue is for the lead to receive or schedule a callback from one of our agents. With this form, we can prioritize leads, and reach them at the best time. We also ensure the clients receive an email notification with a reminder on the morning the call is scheduled, reducing friction”.  

Their marketing campaigns also play an important role in their CRM activities. The team uses conditional display and personalization, to ensure the best user experience for the recipients. “In our campaigns, we include a banner encouraging the leads to contact one of our agents, and we only display it when the call center is open. The rest of the time, it shows a banner that redirects to a callback form.” explains the manager “This way we make sure the lead is not frustrated by the experience with our service and we can get in touch with them as efficiently as possible” 

The team at Love Energy Savings also leverages the automation and SMS features to enhance the customer journey. They have set up various renewal scenarios, to proactively reach out to customers with personalized communications before their contract expires. With these scenarios, we warm up our clients and tell them when it will be time to change their contract. We show them better options for their savings. This allows us to create further touchpoints and ensure they don’t miss their notice period. Integrating SMS in these scenarios has been key due to the customer phase on the journey. SMS helps us increase conversions as well because it is a channel with a very high response rate.” adds Spoelstra. 

After a few months, with the evolving needs of the company and its growing sending volume, the team upgraded to an Enterprise plan When we switched to Enterprise, we were assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and we have been in regular touch with her to discuss our account. She has guided us through the IP warm-up process to ensure our campaigns get delivered and we maintain our sender’s reputation” tells the manager. “Additionally, she helps us analyze from a strategic perspective how we can make the most of our platform and how to ensure the success of our campaigns, so we have both technical and strategic support from our CSM which is very valuable”. 

Generating 6 times more leads thanks to Sendinblue

The e-CRM team has seen a high increase and better performance in all the CRM and marketing activities since switching to Sendinblue.

Since they operate in the B2B sector where contact information changes frequently, the team, guided by their customer success manager, understands the importance of maintaining good deliverability and a high sender score. “We only send campaigns to contacts either created or who have engaged with campaigns sent in the past 3 months. With this rule, we’ve been able to maintain almost perfect deliverability and less than 1% bounce rate.

The specific journeys the team has built have made a significant impact in lead generation and conversions. “With Sendinblue’s tools, we are now generating 6 times more leads. That’s a massive increase” explains Spoelstra 

The team is eager to keep on using Sendinblue and testing more functions in the platform. They look forward to the upcoming analytics features to keep personalizing and improving their customer journeys even more!

Company Information

Love Energy Savings was founded in 2007 with the mission to help businesses in the UK save on their gas and electricity bills by providing them with hassle-free comparisons. Today, the company is the leading choice for SMEs seeking the best deals on their bills, thanks to their solid relationships with energy suppliers and independent providers to offer their customers access to the best and most competitive energy tariffs on the market.

  • Industry: Utilities
  • Company Size: 280 employees
  • Location: Bolton, Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • Website:
  • Plan: Enterprise

Tom Spoelstra - eCRM Manager at Love Energy Savings

“With Sendinblue’s tools, we are now generating up to 6 times more leads per month and leads generated through the callback forms have a conversion rate of 80%! In addition, including SMS in the leads’ journey has helped us increase conversions thanks to this channel’s high response rate.”

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