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Corsica Ferries sees direct impact on turnover from email campaigns and gains autonomy

The head of marketing of Corsica Ferries, a ferry company operating in the Mediterranean, explains how the implementation of Sendinblue has helped him free up time for his team to focus on the business strategy, and has allowed him to see a direct impact on turnover after launching their email marketing campaigns.

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Reinforcing their marketing strategy to optimize loyalty

Having operated for more than 50 years in the Mediterranean, maritime transportation company Corsica Ferries has focused on reinforcing its marketing strategy over the past few years. Under the direction of Jean-Christophe Lucchesi, the marketing team is responsible for the online business strategy, the online and offline entire media plan, as well as social media and CRM activities. 

The company mostly activates paid acquisition channels, such as display ads on partner websites and Adwords campaigns. The investment in social media completes the strategy. 

In addition, Corsica Ferries is strongly focussed on its loyalty strategy, sending frequent digital communications to its base, particularly to Club members. For this reason, the company requires a reliable and efficient email marketing tool to optimize the campaigns to its large customer database. 

A tool with very responsive support and more autonomy

With a desire to become more autonomous with their digital media strategy, the marketing team of Corsica ferries, started researching different platforms for their email marketing, which represents an important communication channel for the company given its large customer database which they reach mostly via email.

Lucchesi wanted to focus on the loyalty strategy mainly with email communications “Our campaigns are part of a global communication system, especially in the digital aspect, so for us, it is very important to count on a reliable email marketing tool since our promotional campaigns are mainly sent via this channel” he says. 

For the head of marketing, the platform also represents an opportunity to drive conversions “Part of these campaigns rely on sending customers emails to offer promotions to all our destinations. These are highly effective since we are talking about clients who come to Corsica, Sardinia, the Balearics, Sicily or the Elbe Island at least once a year”.

Additionally, the company was looking for a provider that would allow the marketing team to build their own campaigns and offer very responsive support, which was not the case with their former provider. “Nowadays email campaigns are sent by marketers and no longer by developers or employees with specific technical knowledge. For this reason, we were looking for a very intuitive and user-friendly tool” explains Lucchesi. 


Building loyalty through the power of email marketing

After researching solutions, the team at Corsica ferries was convinced that Sendinblue met all the technical requirements for their business, and it would be the appropriate platform to give them the autonomy they were seeking for. 

Jean-Christophe Lucchesi explains how smoothly the process for implementation went. “The setup was extremely simple. In just a few days I started using the features of the platform and I realized that I didn’t need much training. The platform is very intuitive, so I knew I could use the platform very easily”

As they’re sending a large volume of emails constantly, Lucchesi highlights how with Sendinblue, they are able to build loyalty with frequent communications to their regular customers “We send a lot of communications to the Corsica Clubs, for example. These are customers who have a loyalty account with us and it is indeed crucial to have a trusted email marketing tool for building loyalty” says Lucchesi.

Besides email marketing, the company also uses the transactional email feature of Sendinblue. This enables them to manage different types of information they need to send and receive from the passengers. “Before each departure, we send an email to the customers asking them to upload their ID, which is mandatory for traveling. We also send them the option of online check-in which is a recent feature from Corsica Ferries. This way, the passenger can choose the cabin location when they have booked an onboard installation.” explains the head of marketing. 

Revenue has increased thanks to more effective email campaigns

Following the initial setup phase, Lucchesi immediately saw the direct benefits of having a more intuitive and user-friendly tool that allows him to work in an autonomous way “Since I started using, Sendinblue I have saved a lot of time, particularly in the design and implementation of the campaigns. This allows me to spend more time on the strategy part of the business, so it pushes me to improve and try out new things in different campaigns I have to set up.”  he tells. 

Besides seeing an improvement on important performance indicators, such as open and click rates, the Corsica Ferries team is able to see a direct impact in turnover, originating directly from email campaigns “We’re observing that our customers are highly receptive to our campaigns. Although they’re a part of a global communication system that includes other channels, they do generate significant revenue on their own and complement the suite of tools we use for online marketing.” explains Lucchesi. 

The company also plans to explore marketing automation for future campaigns, adding yet another important resource to their very complete digital marketing strategy. 

Company Information

Corsica Ferries is a French ferry company operating in the Mediterranean. They transport passengers, with or without vehicles, and fret from the mainland to Corsica, Sardinia, Elba, the Balearic Islands and Sicily. The company transported more than four million passengers in 2019, including three million to Corsica, making them a leader in this destination.

  • Industry: Maritime transport
  • Company Size: N/A
  • Location: Bastia, Corsica, France
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  • Plan: Enterprise

Jean-Christophe Lucchesi, Head of Marketing at Corsica Ferries

“I save a lot of time with Sendinblue, particularly in the design and implementation of the campaigns. This allows me to focus on the strategy part of the business”

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