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Boutique Arthur leverages Sendinblue to accelerate its online sales

The French leader in underwear and loungewear looks back on the impact the Sendinblue platform has had on the sales generated via its e-commerce store, especially the improvement in the performance of its newsletters

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Adapting to meet an increasing demand in online sales

At the forefront of the digital revolution, the ready-to-wear sector is in constant transformation. Industry players must therefore constantly adapt to the needs of customers who are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and experience.

As a daily Sendinblue user since January 2020 for his email campaigns and live chat, Baptiste Bataille, e-commerce and digital strategy manager of Boutique Arthur, shares his experience with the platform.

In the exceptional context of the health crisis, the French leader in the underwear market experienced an unprecedented increase in online sales during lockdown and relied on the platform to meet this exceptional demand while working on building new customer loyalty to secure their future.

A marketing tool to accelerate their e-commerce strategy

To speed up the execution of its e-commerce strategy, the e-commerce manager was looking for a user-friendly tool that would allow the team to go above and beyond when sending their weekly newsletter.

An intuitive email editor, ideally a “drag & drop” one, and also the possibility of using a plugin to connect the platform with Shopify, the provider of their online store, were amongst the core requirements. 

Disappointed by complex tools with structures that were hard to understand, Baptiste Bataille turned to Sendinblue, which offered a user-friendly interface at an affordable price that matched his expectations, as well as dedicated support within the framework of the Enterprise plan.

For Bataille, the possibilities offered by the automation feature were also highly attractive. We can work the entire customer lifecycle, easily creating our own scenarios .

Going faster and further with marketing automation

As soon as the contract was signed, the Sendinblue team got in contact with the agency used by Boutique Arthur to start configuring the tool. Getting started was simple. A tag was enough and after we were able to build our first template! says Bataille.

As an email deliverability expert, Sendinblue ensured that the IP address allocated to Boutique Arthur was warmed up by sending batches of 1000 emails during the first month. Warming up the IP address is an essential step for the successful deployment of an email marketing tool, as it allows recipients to gradually get used to receiving emails from a new IP address, thus avoiding being blacklisted.

Once the transition was complete and the integration with their CRM set up, the e-commerce team started taking action. Driven by the ease of use of the tool, they quickly built automation scenarios to cover most of the customer journey, taking advantage of particular milestone events such as birthday, specific page visits or even to engage inactive customers.

The team is supported at every stage by their Customer Success Manager. Having a dedicated CSM is particularly useful for us as a start-up, especially for setting up scenarios and for being more autonomous on the platform.

To take their segmentation and customer knowledge even further, the team has also set up a questionnaire to qualify its database and better understand customers’ preferences.

What’s my favorite feature from Sendinblue? The creation of email campaigns, without question! In just about 10 minutes I can have a campaign ready to go thanks to the drag & drop editor. says Baptiste Bataille. As an example, he explains that for a sales event in September, he was able to adapt his newsletter template very easily to around twenty different campaigns, simply editing certain elements of the original version.

12% of online sales now come from the newsletter channel

Beyond the significant increase in loungewear sales during lockdown, the team has already noted a strong increase in the recurrence of online purchases since using Sendinblue, which went up by 8 points between March and September 2020.

Among the performance indicators they monitor, the e-commerce team tracks the share of sales generated by newsletters compared to other marketing channels. We consider weekly newsletters as a fully-fledged acquisition channel. We have seen a clear increase, since 12% of our online sales now come from this channel, versus a previous 5% .

With many more objectives in sight, the pioneer brand is already thinking about what to do next to capitalize on the successes of 2020. For Boutique Arthur, the next steps include further optimization of the automation scenarios by exploring the analytical part in more depth and extending actions to their brick and mortar shops.

Now that the team is perfectly comfortable with the email marketing tool, Bataille plans to investigate the other features included in the Enterprise plan, for example by integrating their cashier platform with Sendinblue, to offer a richer experience to customers who visit their physical stores. At Sendinblue, we look forward to continuing to support them in their growth and their innovation endeavors!

Company Information

Founded in 1983, Boutique Arthur quickly became a key player in high-end men's underwear, imposing its boxer shorts where briefs had previously been a favorite in the market. With exponential growth, the founders are expanding their range to include loungewear and more recently women's underwear, allowing the whole family to benefit from their products, and moving towards the leisurewear category. Authentic, friendly, and warm, the brand opts for quality natural materials such as organic cotton, lyocell, or bamboo and offers an original style. In 1998, Boutique Arthur placed a bet on digitalization by launching an avant-garde website, and later their e-commerce store in 2009. Innovative at heart, the pioneer brand is proud that its online store is today at the top of sales even though it has almost 40 brick and mortar shops in France!

  • Industry: Retail / Fashion
  • Company Size: 80 employees
  • Location: Colombes, Ile-de-France, France
  • Website:
  • Plan: Enterprise

Baptiste Bataille, E‑commerce Manager at Boutique Arthur

"In just about 10 minutes I can have a campaign ready to go thanks to the drag & drop editor. Thanks to Sendinblue, our online shopping recurrence has increased by 8 points since the start of the year!”

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