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The Sendinblue Enterprise program features:

Platform Uptime

99.9% guaranteed

chat feature

Dedicated Account Manager

Training and Support


Billions of emails sent every month

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Our number one goal is to help you grow your business. We will work with you to provide a custom marketing solution that is tailored to your needs, providing unparalleled deliverability, reliable infrastructure, advanced API support, and more through the customized Success Launch Program.

Dedicated account manager

Your company will have your own dedicated account manager who focuses not only your needs but also your journey on our platform to have a full understanding of your business.

Onboarding & Training

Your dedicated account manager provides you with a customized Success Launch Program. Then once your account is up and running, they will continue to offer new training any new features released so that you can get the full value from our solution.

Excellent Email Deliverability

Sendinblue will provide you with dedicated IPs, for optimal and reliable deliverability. Our in house deliverability experts and your account manager help setup, warmup and monitor your IPs to ensure you get a maximum delivery rate.

Multiple Account Management

With options for setting up multiple sub-accounts or multiple logins for a single account, you are guaranteed to find the right solution that fits your specific needs and security concerns.

Advanced API & Plugins

Sendinblue's API solution will connect seamlessly with your email environment to optimize your processes with support from your account manager.

Data Security & GDPR

With servers and data storage located in the European Union, and a strong focus on data security, we have been certified as GDPR-compliant after being externally audited. You can trust us to provide a secure and reliable solution for your needs.

After benchmarking and testing some similar solutions, we finally chose Sendinblue since it provided the best fit for our needs and performance criteria, the responsiveness of its customer service, the deliverability of e-mails, and the time saved thanks to the platform. We are pleased to be able to take advantage of their best practices in IP management and for our campaigns!

Stéphane Calzado
President Novadial Group

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