Add your PayPal contacts to your contact list

  • PayPal – Sendinblue Compatibility
  • FREE Plugin
  • Quick installation with Zapier, the app connector


simple installation of your plugin, with just a few clicks on Zapier;


your Sendinblue contacts and your PayPal contacts so they’ll all be in one place;


your email campaigns and financial transactions more easily;


your marketing email list to include your PayPal contacts.

How to integrate your apps (via Zapier)

  1. Log in or create a Zapier account;
  2. Select the Sendinblue zap, preset for PayPal;
  3. Link Sendinblue and PayPal in the zap;
  4. Use the API key provided to log into your Sendinblue account;
  5. Test your zap to check that contacts are syncing;
  6. Approve and activate to launch the plugin.

Thanks to this plugin, you can :

  1. Connect your best marketing and sales tools
  2. Your Paypal contacts don’t need to be manually export to get in your emailing list
  3. Save time and money
  4. Gain daily productivity

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