Use Gleam with Sendinblue to grow your mailing list in just a few clicks!

  • Gleam – Sendinblue compatibility
  • No additional applications needed
  • Quick installation
  • Automatically synchronizes emails retrieved by Gleam’s various applications in Sendinblue


emails retrieved by Gleam applications (Instant Rewards, Run Competitions & Email Capture) automatically on Sendinblue.


and save the contacts retrieved by Gleam in different lists according to origin (contests, voluntary registration, etc.).


terrific forms and newsletter subscription pop-ups for your site in just a few clicks. Your mailing list will grow fast!


contests on social media and retrieve emails to grow your list of prospects.

Now growth hacking is easy and fast!

This plugin allows you to:

  1. Automatically add users who subscribe via Gleam applications (Instant Rewards, Run Competitions & Email Capture) to Sendinblue.
  2. Easily sort new subscribers into your various Sendinblue contact lists.
  3. Create terrific contact forms and pop-ups with just a few clicks and integrate them with your site. The subscribers will be automatically added to the Sendinblue list of your choice.
  4. Organize contests on social media to grow your email list.

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