Deciding between Mailup and Sendinblue?

It's time to choose marketing software that's user-friendly and tailored to the size of your company.

Mailup's pricing is based on bandwidth (which is unlimited with Sendinblue)

Mailup’s pricing model is based on plans with varying features and bandwidth, which refers to the maximum amount of emails you can send in 2 hours.

For example, the Pro edition will let you send 6 000 emails in a 2-hour time frame at a cost of $143 / month.

For businesses looking to reach a large number of contacts at the same time (without having to spread out campaigns over time), the price tag can be pretty high.

In comparison, Sendinblue’s pricing model is based on monthly email credits and available features, without any bandwidth limitation.

Compare Mailup and Sendinblue features

Available features Sendinblue Mailup
Drag & drop editor
Responsive template gallery
Subscribe / unsubscribe form
Advanced statistics
Heat map
Send time optimization for each contact
Sending of transactional emails / SMS messages
Preset / personalized automation scenarios
Lead scoring
Content in English
Certified GDPR compliant
Telephone technical support available

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Boost your performance with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows you to optimize your customer relationships by personalizing your communications on a large scale. Connect and sync Sendinblue with your website to automate and personalize your communications based on the behavior of your contacts on your website (page views, clicks, purchases, etc.).

Available features Sendinblue Mailup
Preset scenarios
Personalized scenarios
Advanced contact segmentation
Lead scoring
Abandoned cart recovery
Page view tracking
SMS marketing automation

Sendinblue vs. Mailup: Comparing support options

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please contact our customer support department and we will be pleased to help you.

Available features Sendinblue Mailup
Website and software in English
Certified GDPR compliant
Free support in English
Telephone support available
Tutorial videos

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Sendinblue reviews

An attractive pricing system

"Sending emails through Sendinblue is very affordable. The email deliverability rate is very good and it is extremely easy to integrate an HTML template. The platform has improved considerably and it is now possible to send SMS text messages. The tool works well for transactional emails and marketing automation processes. Additionally, it is very easy to manage and edit large databases and lists of contacts."

Esteban V.

Very reliable emailing service

"The support team is available by phone, which is very convenient. Of course, you can also still contact them via the traditional support ticket system. The quality of deliverability is excellent, mainly due to the customer data security policy, which ensures privacy without being too restrictive for the customer."

Karim M.

An excellent experience and impeccable service

"As a web marketing consultant, I use Sendinblue for many customers and this solution allows me to: - Create email campaigns: customer retention marketing, promotional emails, newsletters - Create automated emailing with scenarios: including the recovery of abandoned carts using email reminders - Create online invitations with the automatic confirmation system"

Violette W.

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