Why Sendinblue is the Best Mailjet Alternative

Email marketing and more. It's time to go multi-channel with Sendinblue's all-in-one sales and marketing toolbox.

Sendinblue vs Mailjet: Comparing email marketing features

Available features Sendinblue Mailjet
Free unlimited contact storage
HTML email editor
Email template gallery
Customized signup forms
Contact segmentation All plans From Premium plan
Advanced statistics
Heat map
Send time optimization
Transactional emails
Email client testing Enterprise only
Email content personalization
A/B testing
Email support All plans (incl. free) Paid plans
Phone support From 20 000 emails/month (Premium plan) From 150 000 emails/month
Video tutorials

Get advanced marketing automation features with Sendinblue

Grow your customer relationships by sending personalized messages to the right person at the right time. Sendinblue’s advanced automation offers several possibilities to optimize conversion opportunities and save time: lead scoring, abandoned cart email reminders, and even automated SMS messages.

You can also use database automation to update your contact’s profile based on behavior and set up page tracking to track customer activity on your website. The Sendinblue Tracker will trigger an automated email whenever a specified event occurs.

The Marketing Automation feature is available for up to 2000 contacts with Sendinblue free and base plans. Unlimited Marketing Automation is available from the Premium plan ($66/month).

Available features Sendinblue Mailjet
Marketing Automation All plans From Premium plan
Pre-defined scenarios
Personalized scenarios
Advanced contact segmentation All plans From Premium plan
Lead scoring
Database automation
Reminder for abandoned carts
Webpage event tracking
Automated SMS

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Scale multi-channel marketing with Sendinblue

Sendinblue has all the same features as Mailjet when it comes to email marketing and transactional emails. But your marketing possibilities don’t end there: Sendinblue is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. We do a whole lot more than just email.

Choosing Sendinblue over Mailjet means more opportunities to digitally connect with customers and grow your business through multi-channel marketing.

Available features Sendinblue Mailjet
Landing page builder
Sales CRM
Facebook ads
Retargeting ads
SMS marketing

Comparing Sendinblue to Mailjet Pricing

When it comes to Mailjet pricing, their ‘Basic’ offering is slightly cheaper – but keep in mind that it does not include any segmentation or marketing automation features.

Segmentation is crucial for achieving a high email engagement rate. That’s why we’ve included advanced segmentation in all Sendinblue plans, even our ‘Free’ plan.

With segmentation, marketing automation, and multi-channel features included in all plans, Sendinblue provides better value for money than Mailjet.

If you want email segmentation and marketing automation features with Mailjet you’ll need to take their Premium plan, which doesn’t include multi-channel features. Here’s how it will compare to Sendinblue:

Emails sent per month Sendinblue Mailjet
Up to 6,000 emails / mois Free Free
20,000 emails / month $39* $20.95
40,000 emails /month $54* $41.95
120,000 emails / month $119* $96.95
350,000 emails / month $199* $229.95

* All-in-one platform with multi-channel features (Chat, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, CRM, and more)


Getting started with Sendinblue


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  • Unlimited contacts


Perfect for new marketers


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  • All the features of the Free Plan and more:
  • No daily sending limit
  • Email Support
  • Remove Sendinblue logo from emails (Optional)
  • Advanced Statistics (Optional)
  • A/B Testing (Optional)


Best solution for marketing pros


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  • All the features of the Lite Plan and more:
  • Facebook Ads
  • Unlimited Marketing Automation
  • Landing Page Editor
  • Chat
  • Multi-user access


For marketers who need more

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  • All the features of the Premium Plan and more:
  • 10+ users
  • Managed setup and priority support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Priority sending
  • SSO (SAML)

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    The best deliverability for your emails and text messages

    With Sendinblue, deliverability is key. Sendinblue offers email client testing (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) on all our plans. Mailjet only provides this testing service as part of its Enterprise offering.

    Our team of deliverability experts work hard to ensure the best deliverability on our shared and dedicated IPs. If your campaign results put your deliverability at risk, you’ll be notified immediately and our technical support will be on hand to help you resolve any issues.

    Available features Sendinblue Mailjet
    Dedicated IP For high-volume senders For high-volume senders
    SPF, DKIM and DMARC management
    Email client testing All plans Enterprise plan

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    Sendinblue is great!

    "Sendinblue is great. We have tried Mailjet, Mailgun, Amazon SES and a few other systems to send our transactional emails. Sendinblue is by far the best, thanks to its deliverability rate. It's easy to use and our team benefits from fast responses from technical support."

    Zachary - 1 review

    Sendinblue is the best existing email marketing software!

    "I was looking for a service which combined everything I needed. I was using Mailjet to send transactional emails, Sendwithus to create my newsletters, and MailChimp for email marketing. Sendinblue has everything you need under one roof! It manages transactional emails, email marketing, and newsletter editing. But also: sending and receiving text messages, marketing automation (which works very well) and the guys on technical support are great."

    Anton K. - 1 review

    Sendinblue is better than the competition

    "Before deciding to leave our Mandrill / Mailchimp combo, we tried Mailjet, Elastic, and Sendgrid. Sendinblue is the big winner for all categories combined."

    Oz Y. - 1 review

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