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Stop paying more just to grow your business. Enjoy unlimited contacts on all Sendinblue plans.

Sendinblue vs. Mailchimp: Sendinblue can be up to 4 times cheaper for bulk emails!

Moving from Mailchimp to Sendinblue is going to generate some serious savings for your business –  especially if you’re a high volume sender.

When it comes to sending bulk email campaigns, Sendinblue is a clear winner in terms of pricing. As a Mailchimp alternative, Sendinblue can work out up to 4 times cheaper per month in certain cases. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of these email scenarios. 👇

  Sendinblue Mailchimp
< 2,000 contacts FREE FREE
Send a monthly newsletter to 5,000 contacts $25 $49.99
Send 3 campaigns to 20,000 contacts each month $39 $159
Send a monthly newsletter to 75,000 contacts each month $66 $399

Source: pricing calculator. Date: 26/02/2020

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Choosing Sendinblue over Mailchimp means big savings on your bulk email campaigns.

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Sendinblue vs. Mailchimp Free Plans: Sendinblue offers a LOT more features for $0!

If you’re on a budget or just starting out, you’ll be glad to know that both Sendinblue and Mailchimp offer free plans. The majority of Sendinblue features are available for free. Mailchimp, on the other hand, has a very limited feature set on its free plan. Here’s what to expect for $0.

Free Plan Features Sendinblue Mailchimp
Contact storage Unlimited 2000
Email send limits 9,000/month (300/day) 10,000/month (2000/day)
Advanced segmentation Only on Premium Plan ($299)
Marketing automation workflows Up to 2000 contacts Basic 1-click automations
Transactional emails
Email templates 70 + 5
HTML editor for custom-coded templates
CRM Unlimited contacts 2000 contacts
Customizable signup forms

Mailchimp: the more contacts you have, the more you pay.

Mailchimp’s free plan is limited to 2000 contacts across all lists. If one contact is on two lists, it’ll count as 2 contacts. The moment you hit 2001 subscribers you’ll need to upgrade to the base plan. As the $9.99 base plan is limited to only 500 contacts, you’ll be straight onto the $29.99 plan.

Sure, Mailchimp’s base plans look cheap at first glance – $9.99 for Essentials, $14.99 for Standard. But keep in mind, the price is recalculated according to the number of contacts.

Let’s say you’ve 10,000 contacts. That $9.99 Essentials plan that looked cheap before? Well it’s now $74.99 – and with very limited features. At that price, you could be on the Sendinblue Premium Plan ($66/month) with all features and 120,000 emails.

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Sendinblue: only pay for what you send & enjoy unlimited contacts.

With Sendinblue there’s no limit to the number of contacts per plan. Sendinblue’s entire pricing structure is based on the number of emails sent, not the number of contacts stored. For most businesses this works out cheaper because you only pay for what you use.

Sendinblue gives you the flexibility to grow your list as large as you want. Once you’re ready to scale up your sending volume you can upgrade to the baseline plan, Lite, starting at $25 for 40,000 emails/month. Again, the contacts are unlimited.

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Enjoy Sendinblue's built-in transactional email functionality at no extra cost 😇

To send transactional emails with Mailchimp (i.e. personalized one-to-one ecommerce emails such as shipping notifications and password resets), this service is billed as a paid add-on on top of your monthly plan.

If your small business relies on transactional emails, Mailchimp’s transactional email API will be an added expense to take into account. On top of that, transactional emails are only available in blocks of 25,000 and expire after one month. 

On the other hand, Sendinblue lets you send transactional emails as part of your monthly plan via our SMTP server – at no extra cost!

Because transactional emails often contain sensitive information, you don’t want them to wind up in Junk Mail or the ‘Promotions’ tab (Gmail). That’s why it best to separate promotional and transactional emails into separate streams using different domains/IP addresses.

Sendinblue has the complete transactional functionality available natively within its email marketing solution. You can also send transactional SMS messages – something that isn’t available at all with Mailchimp.

Features available Sendinblue Mailchimp
Email Marketing
Transactional emails Paid add-on
SMS Marketing Text Marketer plugin
Transactional SMS
Marketing Automation
Free unlimited contacts
Email client testing
Advanced statistics
Email support
Phone support From $39 From $299
Video tutorials
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Sendinblue vs Mailchimp on Marketing Automation: Enjoy more automation options with Sendinblue

Both solutions let you send personalized emails based on on-page web behavior/events but Sendinblue gives you even more automation possibilities, such as:

  • – Setting up multi-channel workflows for both email and SMS (Mailchimp only offers email!)
  • – Database automation: Update your contact lists based on behavior within the automation workflow (e.g. add visitors who downloaded your latest whitepaper to a specific list).

With Sendinblue’s Free Plan you can use our intuitive workflow editor to set up automation workflows (as simple or as complex as you need) for up to 2000 contacts/month. Unlimited marketing automation starts at $66/month.

On the other hand, Mailchimp’s event based automation is part of their ‘Standard’ plan starting at $14.99 for 500 contacts. This price increases the more contacts you have. Just 5000 contacts will set you back $74.99 – and you still won’t have the additional automation options you’d have with Sendinblue.

Feature Sendinblue Mailchimp
Pre-made workflows
Custom Workflows All Plans Only from Standard Plan
Database automation
Send automated SMS
Add contacts to display retargeting campaign
Send contact information to a Webhook
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Undoubtedly one of the best Mailchimp alternatives available.

We switched from Mailchimp to Sendinblue for everything in camp CodeinWP more than 4 years ago. We found a lot more value with Sendinblue for the price because we pay for the volume of emails sent rather than the number of contacts we store. Additionally, the marketing automation features are much more robust, making Sendinblue undoubtedly one of the best Mailchimp alternatives available.

Ionut Neagu

Land your emails in the inbox every time with Sendinblue.

At Sendinblue, deliverability is our primary focus. We’ve got a rigorous account validation system in place to ensure the best sender reputation and deliverability on  all our shared IPs.

Feature Sendinblue Mailchimp
Dedicated IP Free for over 350,000 emails/month Only for high volume senders
IP pool management Enterprise customers Via Mandrill
Customization of SPF, DKIM, DMARC
White label solution

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Got contacts in the EU? Sendinblue is the best Mailchimp alternative for GDPR compliance.

Sendinblue’s Multi-list Subscription feature on signup forms separates your contacts into lists according to the type of email consent provided. For example, those who sign up for your newsletter are added to a ‘Newsletter’ list, those wanting Promotional Offers to a ‘Promotional Offers’ list, and so on. If a person wants to receive both types of communication, they are added to both lists.

This way you can be sure that everyone on the list has consented to receive this type of content from you. Simply select the list, send your campaign, and that’s all there is to it. Easy. Unlike Mailchimp, we don’t charge per contact stored so having a contact on multiple lists incurs no extra cost with Sendinblue.

Here are some other reasons to choose Sendinblue as a fully GDPR-compliant alternative to Mailchimp:

  • Informational resources via our Help Center and Customer Support available in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German)
  • Easy to implement double opt-in confirmation to confirm subscriber consent
  • Proof of consent record in contact profiles
  • An unsubscribe link in all emails
  • Airtight data transfers and storage on servers hosted in Europe
Learn more about Sendinblue's GDPR policy

They aren’t going back to Mailchimp anytime soon!

Switched from Mail Chimp, never going back.

"After dealing with constant frustration with Mail Chimp (which is worse than hiring monkeys) I switched to this and thank you Send in Blue for making my life easier and working as a product should. It’s super easy to use, you can easily drag and drop to create campaigns, they look great, can track opens, etc, it just works."

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Great customer service - Awesome system

"Their subscription model (emails sent, not number of people in your database) makes it a perfect option for any size company. No need to worry about growing your database and seeing your costs explode. The only thing that matters is how many emails you sent per day (free plan) or month (paid plan)."

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I switched from mailchimp and am really happy

"I switched from mailchimp and am really happy with Sendinblue. I really like that I get to pay per emails sent, versus paying per subscriber. I have a lot of contacts but don’t email as often, so its perfect for me! The platform and automations are really easy to set up too – so thats a plus."

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