Top hacks for the
biggest business day #BlackFriday??

In 2017, Black Friday amounted for $5.03 billion in sales, with an average order value at $135 according to Adobe Analytics Data. Cyber Monday amounted for a whopping $6.59 billion with an average order value at $133. Let’s make the most of this opportunity

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In this eBook, you’ll find tips to build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Black Friday, including:

  • Key Tactics to catch your audience’s attention in an instant
  • How to tease your audience to build up engagement ahead of the big deadline
  • How to bundle your offers and discounts to offer the most perceived value at the lowest cost
  • How to increase your reach and boost your engagement by promoting an impactful message

Who you’ll hear from

We talked to 15 top marketers from around the world, and they accepted to share their top tips and hacks to help boost your black friday strategy.

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