Information for Email Recipients

Have you received an email from a company via Sendinblue software? This page will give you background on who and what are behind Sendinblue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sendinblue and what services does it offer?

Sendinblue is a professional email marketing service. Sendinblue provides businesses the software and infrastructure to create, design and send newsletters and other email campaigns; analyze campaign results; and take advantage of email templates. It’s also possible for Sendinblue clients to manage and import contacts, send SMS and retargeting campaigns, and set up marketing automation workflows.

Why has Sendinblue collected my data?

Your data has been uploaded to our email marketing tool by one of our customers. Sendinblue is a software and infrastructure provider, therefore our customer is responsible for uploading contact data and commissioning the sending of emails.

How do I unsubscribe from such email communications?

Every email sent via Sendinblue contains an unsubscribe link. If you’d like to opt-out from the newsletter, simply click the link.

If, for example, you have been receiving marketing campaigns from an online shop, you can unsubscribe in one go, simply by clicking the link.

Does Sendinblue sell my data?

No. Sendinblue will NEVER sell your data under any circumstances. Moreover, Sendinblue advises all customers not to purchase email addresses.

What does Sendinblue do to prevent spam?

Our software checks carefully every single email before it’s sent. Moreover, we check if companies who register with us are legally registered and their email contacts are 100% opt-in. Read more about it in our anti-spam policy.

Does Sendinblue take the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) into account?

Yes, it certainly does. Sendinblue complies with the strict requirements of the EU GDPR. That means that data transfer to foreign countries for our purposes is out of the question.  Sendinblue makes backups on a daily basis to protect you against data loss. All delivery servers have dedicated IP addresses.