Trigger Marketing

Trigger Marketing

SendinBlue makes it very easy to create automated trigger marketing workflows. The idea is simple: you define a condition, for example, the field 'ORDERS_90DAYS' (sum of orders over the past 90 days) must be greater than $100. The message of your choice will then be sent to all contacts who meet this requirement.

By combining filters with, personalized KPIS and unsubscribe lists, you can develop highly effective trigger marketing strategies. The automated emails will be sent every day at a time you choose. You can also set a future date to begin your trigger campaign.

The possibilities are endless! By using our trigger marketing tool, you can automatically send a promo code to all customers who have spent at least $100 on your site, one month after the date of their purchase...and it's all done automatically! You'll have access to all of our design editors for creating email campaign and can you can even send a test email before launching your email campaign.

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