SendinBlue SMTP

SendinBlue SMTP

Transactional emails sent to individual recipients after events like registrations or purchases are key to maintaining customer relationships.

Effectively managing transactional emails requires a very different infrastructure and interface compared to that used for sending marketing campaigns. That's why SendinBlue provides a unique dashboard for managing your transactional emails. The SMTP dashboard allows you to configure your sending settings to ensure optimum deliverability. Above all, it provides you with accurate statistics.

Using SendinBlue's transactional platform, you can see complete metrics in a convenient dashboard format, comprehensive logs, or a detailed record for each email sent. The interface also allows you to configure webhooks to call a URL following specific events (emails sent, clicked, etc.). SendinBlue SMTP can be integrated through one of several possible methods:

  • Traditional SMTP settings (server, port, username and password)
  • SendinBlue PHP Library
  • Postfix configuration
  • API documentation

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