Import Contact Files

Import Contact Files

SendinBlue makes it easy to import your contacts. Simply save your contact list in comma separated values format (CSV) and follow the import set-up wizard. You can import an unlimited number of data fields with your contacts, such as: email address, name, title, address, number of orders, etc. We recommend that you keep a header row in your file so that the name of each column is clear.

For each column (data field), you can indicate corresponding content type or format, such as: text, number or date. This enables the advanced search and segmentation of your data. For example, you can create a segment that contains contacts whose signup date falls between two specific dates.

Have multiple lists? SendinBlue makes it easy to stay organized with contact folders than can contain multiple contact lists.

Have a lot of contacts? SendinBlue allows you to import contact lists containing millions of lines and an unlimited number of columns.

Don't have an import file? Don't worry! You can add a contact manually or cut and paste your lists.

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