Custom Contact Attributes

Keep track of all the information you have about each customer by storing them in your contact database using custom contact attributes.


Upload as many contacts with as many custom attributes as you need with no extra cost.


Create attributes for whatever type of data you want to store: numbers, strings, categorical lists...


Use your attributes to personalize your emails or to create segments for more relevant email content.

Know your contacts on a deeper level.

All your contact information in one, accessible place.

Custom contact attributes let you store information about your contacts so that you can use it in your marketing communications later on. These attributes can include simple things like name, gender, or country of residence, but it can also be more advanced like a preferred newsletter content topic, last item purchased, lead score, and more.

Store any type of contact information you want by creating custom attributes in your contact database.

More relevant communications and better customer relationships at scale.

At Sendinblue, you can create and store unlimited contacts and custom contact attributes in your database. Information is the most powerful tool for generating more engagement, and more custom attributes means you can store more details about your customers to use for better segmentation and personalization in your emails.

Keep track of all the customer information you want and use it to create more interesting messages for your contacts.

Put the pedal to the metal on your marketing

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Create as many attributes as you want with ease

Setting up custom contact attributes in Sendinblue is very simple. Just choose a name and select the data type you want to use (number, text, categories, etc.), then you’re good to go!

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