Dynamic Personalization

Dynamic Email Personalization

Use SendinBlue's dynamic personalization tools to create personalized emails quickly and easily. Insert a contact field into the body of your emails, such as: name, title or order date. You'll automatically personalize your emails for each recipient... it's that easy!

Simply write the contact field (i.e. the name of the column) in capital letters and between brackets, in your email. For example: “Dear Mr. {LASTNAME}” would become “Dear Mr. Smith”. You can even use this tool to personalize your email subject line or pre-header text, which is proven to increase email open rates.

SendinBlue also helps you go much farther in personalizing your emails by using 'attribute conditions'. These conditions can be applied to text as well as to figures or dates, helping you to define even more precise personalization rules.

For example, you can personalize the beginning of your email based on your recipient's gender. Let's say that you have a 'title' attribute with two values: M for men and F for women. You can write {IF,TITLE,=,F}{Dear Ms. X} {IF,TITLE,=,M}{Dear Mr. X} to indicate that when the 'title' attribute of the contact is equal to 'F', the words 'Dear Ms. X' will be displayed and if the attribute is equal to 'M', the words 'Dear Mr. X' will be used.

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