Handle millions of transactions and notifications via email and SMS hassle-free

Sendinblue’s transactional email service delivers important customer updates straight to the inbox in real time, whether you decide to use our API or our platform. Thanks to its robust deliverability and regulatory compliance, Sendinblue is a transactional email provider you can count on!

Deliver your most important messages straight to your recipients

The best vehicle for your transactional emails and SMS

Our transactional email & SMS service delivers your important messages with confidence:

- Account creation and activation emails
- Welcome and onboarding messages
- User invitations and shares
- Security and account alerts
- Password resets and two-factor authentication
- Purchase receipts and shipping notifications
- Legal notices

Step up your transactional emails with on-brand designs and reliable deliverability!

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Choose from our Email API or transactional platform

We continuously innovate to provide cutting edge technology to our over 300,000 clients in +180 countries. Our transactions & notifications service has a range of flexible setup options.

Email API: With up to 120k emails accepted per minute, Sendinblue’s transactional email API has libraries to match any stack!
SMTP relay: Plug our SMTP credentials into another application to send third-party emails through our transactional email service.
Transactional email plugins: Choose from a range of transactional email plugins that integrate seamlessly with your CMS.
Automation workflows: Trigger custom email automation workflows based on customer activity and website behavior.

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A trusted solution beyond the notification

What if you could centralize all your email activities in one reliable and user-friendly solution? With Sendinblue it’s totally possible! Our platform handles both promotional and transactional emails. Not to mention you’ll avoid the hassle of switching between tools and be able to synchronize contact data in one place.

Here is a selection of some of the benefits you'll enjoy as an Enterprise customer:
- Best-in-class email deliverability with dedicated IPs and a team of experts
- Actively managed SMTP servers
- Dedicated infrastructure to make sure your emails are successfully routed
- Customize transactional email templates to match your brand
- Personalize with dynamic content using the advanced templating language

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Get best-in-class features and services with your Enterprise plan

The most robust infrastructure in a user-friendly interface

Beyond transactional tools, Sendinblue provides Enterprise clients with a sturdy and custom platform to fit the needs of larger organizations. Exclusive features to the Enterprise plan include multi-account management, Single Sign-On, advanced integrations with other platforms such as Salesforce, metered billing, flexible account management and access to a sandbox.

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Top-notch deliverability and regulatory compliance

Benefit from more powerful sendings to reach your subscribers every time. Provide confidence to your clients or advertisers by having a team working to ensure your campaigns get to your recipients’ inbox from day 1. With Enterprise by Sendinblue, you can enjoy the benefits of using a dedicated IP to maintain your sender’s reputation and optimal deliverability.

As a European company, we design the processes in our platform to help you remain fully GDPR compliant both when growing your lists, and on your campaign sendings. We host most of our servers in the EU, and we also have established means to guarantee GDPR compliance across our entire chain of data processing.

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A team of experts focused on your success

Benefit from the dedicated support of a Customer Success Manager, who will guide your organization during the implementation of the platform, and will provide you with training and support during your entire journey. Backed by our team of technical experts, your customer success manager will regularly help you analyze your performance, and will give you technical and strategic guidance as well as determine how we can meet your evolving needs.

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Hear it from our customers!

“For us, it was a significant jump to go from a 25% to a 35% open rate in our email campaigns. This way we can keep communicating to a much more active and engaged audience!”

Lindsay Clark, Marketing Manager at Great British Chefs