Discover the power of a dedicated Enterprise technical infrastructure

Beyond campaign management features, Sendinblue provides Enterprise clients with a sturdy and custom platform to fit the needs of larger organizations.

Benefit from our most robust and scalable set up

At Sendinblue, we know that Enterprise clients have specific requirements to manage their digital marketing activities. To support your growth, you'll be hooked up to dedicated Enterprise servers that will give you more powerful, priority sendings so that your campaigns are delivered faster.

Amongst multiple features and services exclusive to Enterprise, you will also get:
Dedicated IP, meaning your reputation as a sender, which is crucial for your email deliverability, is determined solely on your sending behavior.
Single Sign-On: your users can easily log in to their Sendinblue account using their company credentials.
Advanced integrations: to get more from the use of your other applications
Metered billing: no need to think about how many credits you have left, we invoice you monthly based on your usage
Flexible account management: get as many seats, shared inboxes and landing pages as you need
RFM: advanced segmentation feature that allows you to store behavioral/history data per contact
Sandbox access where you can transfer your tests from one account to another

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Centralize your business entities in a single place with our multi-account solution

Our Enterprise plans offer a unique solution to manage all the units and brands of your corporation in a robust interface, including:
- As many sub-accounts as you need
- Master Account where you can configure and secure all your sub-accounts
- Assign email & SMS credits against each sub-account requirements
- A flexible model to easily add new sub-accounts

Independent, sealed environments
- Separate dashboard and contact lists
- One dedicated IP per sub-account for personalised management of deliverability
- Unique API key for each sub-account
- Ability to personalize to your visual identity

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Go further and faster with additional features, exclusive to Enterprise

We make a number of additional features available to you as part of your Enterprise plan, giving you more options to make the most of our powerful platform.

Increase API rate limit
Increase Marketing Automation processing speed
Custom SSL certificate
FTP setup

Your Account Executive will be happy to discuss these technical features in more detail with you and provide you with a custom quotation based on your needs.

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Service Levels Agreements for your peace of mind

As experienced SaaS platform providers, we understand that you need the Sendinblue platform to be available at all times and require a fast turnaround in case of queries. We're committed to your success and are confident in our solution so as part of your Enterprise plan, we offer a number of guarantees to support your business.

99.9% uptime
A quarterly uptime percentage of 99.9% means that we guarantee you will experience no more than an average of 44 minutes per month of unavailability.

4-hour response from Support
We will make every effort to respond to your query within 4 hours during our opening hours, with resolution time depending on complexity. Should your issue be critical, such as the interface not being available, we endeavour to give you a first response within 30 minutes!

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