Expand your audience reach and find new customers using Facebook Ads

Run your Facebook Ads campaigns directly from the Sendinblue all-in-one platform to leverage your existing contact data and drive better results

Boost the impact of your marketing campaigns with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to build an omnichannel marketing strategy that drives more sales and conversion. With billions of users globally, it's no secret that the Facebook platform is very profitable for marketers across all industries who are looking to expand their reach both on existing and new customers.

Sendinblue offers a Facebook Ads app natively in its all-in-one digital marketing platform, allowing you to create, publish and manage your ad campaigns in the same user-friendly familiar tool that you're already using for your email & SMS marketing activities. Track your results easily and finely with our advanced reporting feature, powering up your iterative approach for better results.

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Engage and retarget your customers

Reinforce an important marketing campaign with both email and Facebook Ads, or re-engage email contacts who are drifting away. Using Sendinblue is particularly powerful for this strategy as it allows you to combine campaigns from the email or SMS channel with Facebook Ads, providing your users with a consistent experience that keeps your brand top of mind.

Even better, with Sendinblue, you can automate the entire campaign really easily, saving you time and effort to focus on other aspects of your strategy!

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Find new customers by leveraging your existing contact data

Targeting lookalike audiences is one of the best techniques to attract new business. Combining your Sendinblue contact data with Facebook's intelligent targeting makes it really easy and effective for you to create ad campaigns that drive sales and conversions to new pockets of customers that are more likely to be interested in your products and services.

With Sendinblue's advanced segmentation and customer data platform, you can simply sync your top customers into a specific contact list and display Facebook Ads to people with similar interests and characteristics! To make your ads even more powerful, we recommend building granular lists of your high-value customers, based on their preferences and purchase history, so that you can personalize you messaging further, giving you a better chance of converting these populations quicker.

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Why Sendinblue?

GDPR Compliance and Deliverability

GDPR Compliance and Deliverability

We are a European company, hosting most of our servers within the EU. We have established means to guarantee GDPR compliance across our entire chain of data processing with all of our partner software providers. We actively manage email servers to ensure they maintain a positive sender reputation for the best possible email deliverability.

Quality of Support

Quality of Support

A Technical Account Manager will support you to ensure a smooth platform implementation with excellent end-to-end support, backed by our team of specialists in transactional emails to closely monitor IPs and senders. Our Support team is available 24/7 to solve any technical doubts. Available via email, chat, and phone they always have your back.

Dedicated Enterprise infrastructure

Dedicated Enterprise infrastructure

Beyond campaign management features and advertising tools, Sendinblue provides Enterprise clients with a sturdy and custom platform to fit the needs of larger organizations. Exclusive features to the Enterprise plan include multi-account management, Single Sign-On, advanced integrations with other platforms such as Salesforce, metered billing, flexible account management and access to a sandbox.