Raise brand awareness and drive growth leveraging Email and SMS Marketing

With a $44 return on investment for every dollar spent, email marketing is by far the most profitable channel in the marketing mix. With Sendinblue, you're choosing a platform that will allow you to industrialize your email & SMS campaigns in a user-friendly, all-in-one interface.

Target the right customers to really hit the spot!

Advanced contact list segmentation is the foundation of every successful email marketing strategy. Sendinblue makes it easy to segment contacts when sending an email or SMS campaign.
Segmenting your contact list into smaller groups of contacts with similar characteristics lets you tailor email content more effectively. Segmentation can be done based on many different dimensions, including:
- Declared interests
- Previous engagement or purchase history
- Socio-economic or geographical characteristics

Marketing automation can make this even more powerful, allowing you to dynamically sort users into contact lists and update certain attributes in your database when they do something on your website or in your emails! Use these segments in Facebook advertising or retargeting campaigns while you continue to cultivate your relationship through email in order to get even more value!

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Stand out from the competition with personalized and relevant messages

With people receiving so many promotional emails and texts on a daily basis, the key to an effective campaign that is opened and clicked is definitely relevance. Your contacts want to feel like the email or SMS they're receiving was specifically written for them and tailored to their preferences, showing that you know them and in turn, getting them to trust your brand.

With Sendinblue's dynamic content, personalize your messages with everything from adding your contact’s name into your email text all the way to using contact database attributes to create rules for conditionally displaying entire sections of content. For example, if you know your contacts’ favorite colors, you can show different product images with the right color by using this information in the conditional display!

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Schedule your emails at the best time to maximize engagement

Take the stress out of scheduling your next email campaign with the help of our “SendInTime” algorithm.

We use a machine learning model that analyzes anonymized behavior from previous campaigns along with aggregated profiling information to automatically predict the send time with the highest likelihood of engagement for each contact over the course of 24 hours. This means no more time wasted searching for that illusive perfect send time that works for your entire list! By increasing the likelihood of engagement with your emails, you’ll see your email marketing ROI skyrocket!

Of course, for your time-sensitive campaigns, you can also choose to schedule your campaigns at a specific time or event send them straight away if it's an urgent message.

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Design on-brand, and easy-to-manage emails with our template editor

Keep your emails on brand with colors, fonts, and content that fit logically with your financial company’s brand guidelines to generate trust and alleviate any concerns about the precedence of the communication amongst your customers. With our acclaimed and intuitive drag & drop editor, customize or develop templates and save them to your library. Create fully responsive templates and leverage our advanced content personalization feature, using contact database attributes to create rules for conditionally displaying entire sections of content.

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Drive performance further with A/B Testing

When it comes to contact engagement, even small variations to your email and SMS campaigns can have a big impact. A/B testing helps you learn what works best for your contacts (and what doesn't).

Also called split testing, this feature allows you to send variations of a message to different contacts and compare results. With Sendinblue, you can A/B test subject lines and email content variables really easily. You define the rules and the content you want to compare, we do the rest!

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Stay on top of your performance with advanced reporting

Monitor the performance of your email and SMS campaigns with key engagement metrics to know what works and what you can improve! Identify issues in real time using real-time deliverability reporting and engagement statistics.

Sendinblue offers a user-friendly reporting interface that gives you an overview of your core campaign statistics such as open and click rates or bounces.
Whilst these are obviously crucial to understand whether your campaign was a success, where the platform is particularly powerful is in how you can deep dive into specific trackers to get more insight on what you could improve. For example, our heat map feature lets you see at a glance where your contacts clicked the most, which is really useful to identify your most powerful CTAs.
You can also analyze the origin of your openers and clickers with more detail about their device type, location or even domains.

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Hear it from our customers!

"In just about 10 minutes I can have a campaign ready to go thanks to the drag & drop editor. Thanks to Sendinblue, our online shopping recurrence has increased by 8 points since the start of the year!”

Baptiste Bataille, Ecommerce Manager at Boutique Arthur