Monitor and analyze your ecommerce performance to drive more sales

Take advantage of automated reports on marketing campaign performance, engagement metrics and revenue attribution without complicated setup processes. Put data to work, optimize customer retention and increase ROI

A real-time dashboard with ecommerce vital metrics at a glance

A convenient ecommerce dashboard that helps you track performance and compare it with historical data. Keep an eye on your revenue, orders, new and repeat customers. The simplified customer retention reporting allows you to easily analyze loyalty and customer lifetime value.

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Advanced acquisition analytics with revenue breakdowns

Sendinlue creates marketing performance reports that help you monitor your marketing channels, campaigns and automations easily to optimize your marketing efforts. With numerous ready-to-use revenue breakdowns, you will know exactly which campaign and customer segments drive business to your store.

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Insightful product performance reports

Products are at the heart of every ecommerce business. That's why with Sendinblue you can easily track their performance, showing you how often they are purchased and viewed. To help you personalize your customers' experience, you can also track what products are often bought or viewed together to create upsell campaigns and bundles based on data.

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