Benefit from the best deliverability and compliance for your campaigns

With 99% deliverability guaranteed on our Enterprise solution and over ten years' expertise in regulatory compliance, your campaigns are in good hands!

Your emails, delivered

Deliverability doesn’t happen by chance. It depends on many factors such as relevance, data protection, content, and the right technical set-up. At Sendinblue, delivering billions of emails every month to Inbox is a core priority, which is why we have a dedicated deliverability team who constantly and actively monitors performance.
To support you, we've created a free ebook that unlocks the secrets of deliverability and how to control it:
- Easily set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC to authenticate your domain
- IP / domain reputation dashboard
- Advanced IP pool management between accounts
- Management of internal MTA managed
- Privileged relationships with most email infrastructure providers

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All our Enterprise plans include a dedicated IP address

Whether you choose our Email API plan or our Marketing Suite, the Enterprise service includes one or multiple dedicated IP addresses to ensure your deliverability is second to none.

To go even further in delivering your emails to Inbox, our team of experts analyzes your contact base when you first join Sendinblue as an Enterprise client, in order to make recommendations on how best to approach the management of your data.

This is then followed by a ""warm-up"" phase of your dedicated IP address which is essential to building your reputation as a sender with ISPs such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. During this process, we start sending your campaigns in small batches before scaling to a full volume.

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Unparalled expertise in GDPR compliance

With regulations gradually tightening, sending large volumes of emails and complying with requirements has become a real challenge for the technical and marketing teams of large businesses, especially in Europe following the introduction of the GDPR in 2018. Owing to its European roots, Sendinblue pays very special attention to the GDPR with both data hosting and teams in Europe, as well as tools dedicated to maintaining good data hygiene.

Some of the actions we've taken to guarantee top GDPR compliance:
- Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and SNCD member
- Adaptation of key features such as the review of email subscription forms, the collection & recording of proof of consent
- Advanced security reviews
- Management of our partners with DPAs and controlled compliance

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WARPSPD, a specialized retail and e-commerce technology startup, explains how Sendinblue is helping them achieve a solid deliverability rate in their transactional campaigns, and how they plan to leverage the platform features of the Enterprise plan to build a more robust product experience for their own clients

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