Engage your customers and increase lifetime value with personalized campaigns

Drive retention, loyalty and repeat purchases leveraging email marketing and other poweful channels to reach customers when it matters throughout their lifecycle

The ultimate blueprint to customer retention

The ultimate blueprint to customer retention

According to Harvard Business Review, it costs between 5 and 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one! Did this catch your attention?
Keeping your customers matters just as much as acquiring new ones, and a solid marketing strategy is crucial to customer engagement.
We've created a free ebook to help you get started with customer marketing, giving you our expert advice and best practices on how to develop a customer-centric journey and how to engage your customers every step of the way to make them fall in love with your brand again and again.

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Customer engagement as a growth opportunity

Interact beyond transactions to bring the customer journey to life

In a digital world where customers are spoilt for choice, your newsletter is simply not enough to retain their business and neither are your invoices. To keep your best customers, you must find opportunities to engage customers throughout their lifecycle, beyond transactional touch points, so that they develop attachment to your brand, product and services.

Email marketing is your best bet, simply because it's the most profitable channel with an ROI of $44 for every dollar spent. With Sendinblue, you'll be able to create beautiful, on-brand email marketing campaigns using our acclaimed and intuitive template editor.

Even better, you can trigger personalized messages based on customer data and certain lifecycle events, leveraging both our segmentation and marketing automation features, all built in the most user-friendly interface!

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Drive upsell, cross-sell and repeat purchases

It's no secret that it's easier to sell more products and services to existing customers than find new ones. In fact, Clientsuccess.com reports that “the probability of upselling to an existing customer is around 65%, compared to the probability of selling to a new prospect which is only around 13%!

With that in mind, it's time to equip your business with the best tool to drive repeat purchases. Sendinblue allows you to:
- Send your promotional offer campaigns via email and SMS
- Segment your lists of customers based on their preferences or past purchases so that you can tailor your messages to each target audience
- Integrate your eshop and/or CRM data using our large library of plugins, to further segment and personalize your campaigns
- Create automated scenarios that will trigger multi-channel campaigns, with the right message, to the right customer, at the right time
- Retarget your customers with product and services ads on Facebook, WhatsApp and even push notifications on your website for real time impact

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Connect with more customers in real time using Live Chat

Create a seamless experience for your website visitors by setting up an on-brand chat environment, providing an immediate way for your customers to reach you.
Talk to customers as they're browsing or checking their account, manage queries and answer their questions quickly to enhance the customer experience and drive more sales.
See exactly which page of your website the visitor is viewing, to speed up and deliver more efficient communication.
Identify your customer to access their contact and purchase history in your CRM, so that you can tailor the experience to their profile.

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Promote your loyalty and referral programs

As a lifecycle or CRM marketer, there's a high chance that you have developed one or multiple retention programs for your customers that may involve earning points and incentives for repeat purchases or rewards for referring your product or service to other customers. To promote these programs, your best option is yet again email & SMS marketing.

The Sendinblue platform is the ideal and easiest solution to score customer loyalty based on purchases, past interactions and profile to determine eligibility to certain promotional offers or rewards. You can also identify referrers and referees and trigger personalized, automated confirmation emails or SMS. Our entire intuitive interface is built to leverage every attribute of your contact database and create segmented multi-channel campaigns that will make your retention programs more interactive and powerful.

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Get best-in-class features and services with your Enterprise plan

The most robust infrastructure in a user-friendly interface

Beyond customer engagement features, Sendinblue provides Enterprise clients with a sturdy and custom platform to fit the needs of larger organizations. Exclusive features to the Enterprise plan include multi-account management, Single Sign-On, advanced integrations with other platforms such as Salesforce, metered billing, flexible account management and access to a sandbox.

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Top-notch deliverability and regulatory compliance

Benefit from more powerful sendings to reach your subscribers every time. Provide confidence to your clients or advertisers by having a team working to ensure your campaigns get to your recipients’ inbox from day 1. With Enterprise by Sendinblue, you can enjoy the benefits of using a dedicated IP to maintain your sender’s reputation and optimal deliverability.

As a European company, we design the processes in our platform to help you remain fully GDPR compliant both when growing your lists, and on your campaign sendings. We host most of our servers in the EU, and we also have established means to guarantee GDPR compliance across our entire chain of data processing.

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A team of experts focused on your success

Benefit from the dedicated support of a Customer Success Manager, who will guide your organization during the implementation of the platform, and will provide you with training and support during your entire journey. Backed by our team of technical experts, your customer success manager will regularly help you analyze your performance, and will give you technical and strategic guidance as well as determine how we can meet your evolving needs.

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Hear it from our customers!

“Since using Sendinblue, our campaigns are consistently above 20% base open rate. Our real estate newsletter, for example, has total open rates exceeding 50% on some occasions. Being able to show these types of rates to our advertisers is just incredible”

Robb Lee, Digital Operations Manager at Florida Trend</strong