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Constant Contact vs Sendinblue: Pricing

One of the main differences between Sendinblue and Constant Contact is the pricing model.

Constant Contact pricing is based on the number of contacts stored. If you’re a small business with a rapidly growing list, get ready for your email bill to increase over time.

Sendinblue pricing is based on the number of emails sent. You can stored an unlimited number of contacts (even on the free plan) and this will not affect the overall cost.

Bonus: Sendinblue offers a forever free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails a day. Constant Constant only offers a 30-day free trial for email marketing.

Send a monthly newsletter to: Sendinblue Constant Contact
500 contacts Free $20*
2,500 contacts $25 $45*
5,000 contacts $25 $65*
10,000 contacts $25 $95*
25,000 contacts $54 $225*
35,000 contacts $54 $315*
Based on Constant Contact pricing on 25/06/20.

*Does not include automation features. These are only available on the more expensive ‘Email Plus’ plan.

Comparing Advanced Email Marketing Features

Constant Contant and Sendinblue are both easy to use platforms, perfect for beginners. Both have Drag & Drop editors, email templates, campaigns reports – all the basic features you’d expect from an ESP.

But Sendinblue’s sophisticated email features make it equally as attractive to advanced marketers.

Want to be able to segment lists at a granular level and set up complex automation workflows using if/then/else logic? Sendinblue has you covered.

More good news: You can send transactional emails over Sendinblue’s SMTP server. 🎉 This way you can manage marketing and transactional emails all under the one roof, at no extra cost.

Available features Sendinblue Constant Contact
Email marketing campaigns
Transactional emails (SMTP server)
Autoresponder (simple email automations)
Complex automation workflows (if/then/else)
Abandoned cart emails Shopify only
Advanced segmentation (if/then/else)
Dynamic segmentation
Dynamic personalization
Customizable signup forms Without image display option
Email preview for mobile devices
Email client testing Litmus plugin
A/B Testing Subject line & content Subject line only
Send Time Optimization


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Constant Contact vs. Sendinblue: Marketing Automation

Turn your business into an automated conversion machine with Sendinblue’s Marketing Automation suite. Maximize efficiency right across the funnel with custom automation workflows.

These can be simple autoresponders (e.g. welcome emails) or complex if/then/else email sequences triggered by website behavior. You can even set up automated lead scoring to monitor lead interest and send messages at exactly the right moment.

Constant Contact offers a welcome series and automated sequences on its ‘Email Plus’ plan but overall has less automation options than Sendinblue.

Sendinblue’s Marketing Automation is available on the free plan for up to 2000 contacts and then unlimited on the Premium plan ($66/month).

Automation Features Sendinblue Constant Contact
Autoresponder (e.g. welcome emails)
Complex automation workflows (if/then/else)
Dynamic segmentation
Automated lead scoring
Database automation
Abandoned cart emails Only with Shopify
On-page tracking to monitor events
SMS automation
Lead attribution in CRM

Go multi-channel with Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing platform offering lots of different ways to connect with new customers and grow your business.

Centralize your marketing efforts in one place. You’ll save time switching between tools and reduce the cost of your marketing tech stack.

Available features Sendinblue Constant Contact
Landing page builder
Sales CRM
Facebook ads
Retargeting ads
Live Chat
SMS marketing

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"At first, I was using Constant Contact to send my press releases, but it cost me 5 times more than what Sendinblue charges me. Now I can send my press releases in a clean, professional manner to radio hosts and producers, as well as news stations and interviewers. The ones who don't want to receive my releases can just unsubscribe, which over time keeps my contact list up to date."

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The best newsletter mailing software out there

"My recommendation: Quit using Constant Contact and MailChimp now, and try Sendinblue. You'll save money. Sendinblue helped us build a substantial database of customer contacts without costing us hundreds of dollars every month."

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A complete email marketing solution

Sendinblue has really great features and keeps every one of its promises. Personally, the software has helped me send out large email campaigns that are different from the usual business emails. When I send offers to my customer database, I know that my message will go straight to my customers' inboxes, not their spam. I can analyze the links my customers click on to find out which emails have the best conversion rates. I can also send text messages. I use the service at least once a month, because it's really helped me to be there for my customers.

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