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Create Personalized Mass Email Campaigns That Convert.

With Sendinblue’s free bulk email service you can easily create awesome personalized email campaigns that’ll convert your leads into loyal customers.

A powerful and intuitive email editor

Easily create email campaigns that are optimized for display on all screen sizes.

  • – Choose from over 70 customizable email templates and insert design elements (text, buttons, images) by simply using the Drag & Drop method.
  • – Edit the content, change the font, and insert images with ease
  • – Preview your design on all devices to ensure the perfect display
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Dynamic personalization

Sendinblue’s bulk email service lets you personalize your mass emails using contact attributes.

  • – Grab the recipient’s attention by personalizing the email subject line with their name
  • – Personalize the email body with content that’s relevant to each individual
  • – Reward loyal customers and send reactivation emails to inactive contacts
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Segment your contact lists quickly and easily

Goodbye impersonal ‘one size fits all’ mass emails. Segment your contact lists to be able to send individual messages to each recipient.

  • – Create different recipient groups by using filters and attributes
  • – Segment according to criteria such as age, gender, or purchasing habits
  • – Create dynamic lists that are automatically updated once a contact fulfills specific ‘trigger’ conditions
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Gather Contacts that are Genuinely Interested in your Brand.

For your mass email campaigns to be a success, you need recipients who actually want to receive your message. Use our free bulk email service to attract the right contacts – and stay GDPR compliant throughout the process.

Create attractive landing pages

Sendinblue’s Landing Page builder lets you structure your lead nurturing journey in an effective and efficient way.

  • – Amass new contacts with signup forms on mobile-friendly landing pages
  • – Create a dedicated page to thank contacts for subscribers
  • – Create landing pages to promote special offers
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A double opt-in subscription method for GDPR compliancy

Our signup form builder lets you collect consenting contacts in a way that conforms to GDPR requirements.

  • – Create a responsive signup form in a matter of minutes
  • – Create custom fields for any additional contact information you wish to collect
  • – Send an automatic opt-in confirmation email 
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Import contacts quickly and easily

If you’ve already got a contact list, you can quickly and easily import it into your Sendinblue account.

  • – Import Excel, .csv or .txt files in a few simple clicks
  • – Manually add new contacts
  • – Synchronize your contacts with your ecommerce, CRM, or CMS systems
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Affordable pricing no matter how small your budget

Need to send more than 300 emails a day? We have pricing plans to suit all budget sizes, starting at $25 for 40,000 emails per month.

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