June 1, 2017

Sendinblue Ranks Among Top Platforms for Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

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It’s official — Sendinblue has been recognized as a top provider for both email marketing and marketing automation!

The quarterly rankings, which were released by software review websites GetApp and Capterra, are largely based on user reviews and are created to help people decide which software platforms best fit their specific needs.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive a little deeper into the rankings!

GetApp’s Email Marketing Category Leaders Ranking

GetApp is the leading marketplace for cloud-based business apps. They have listings for all of the different categories of business software applications that include descriptions, screenshots, and verified reviews.

Every quarter they release a ranking of the top 25 “category leaders” for various software categories. These rankings are determined using GetApp data, as well as data from some 3rd parties.

The dimensions used to judge each platform include:

  • User reviews – Analyzes user reviews on GetApp, and scales the score by the number of reviews. GetApp also assigns different weight to reviews based on how long ago they were created.
  • Integrations – Scores the platforms based on how many integrations they have relative to the category average.
  • Mobile accessibility – Awards points based on the availability of mobile apps, as well as the reviews that have been created in the app stores.
  • Media presence – Examines the platforms presence on social media, which takes into account number of followers relative to the category average and category leaders.
  • Security – Assigns a score based on answers from the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment, while also factoring in other security certifications.

Based on the criteria above, Sendinblue has ranked number 6 on GetApp’s list of the top 25 email marketing platforms!

top email marketing platform

Capterra’s Top 20 Most Affordable Marketing Automation Software Platforms

Capterra is another website dedicated to helping people and businesses compare software solutions and find the tool that is right for them. They have listings for software providers in over 400 categories and collect reviews from verified users for these products that provide visitors a point of comparison.

Capterra also ranks software in different categories to further help site visitors find what they are looking for.

Last week, they released a list of the top 20 most affordable marketing automation software platforms (out of almost 400 solutions that are listed under the marketing automation category in total).

The ranking was based on 3 factors:

  • Average Monthly Cost – How much are users paying on average for each platform.
  • Features – How many features each platform offers relative to the average price users pay.
  • Reviews – Average review score given by verified users for each platform.

After taking into account the above considerations, Sendinblue ranked 9 overall for the most affordable marketing automation platforms!

Top Marketing Automation platform

We are always proud to receive positive feedback and be recognized by software industry leaders — especially when that feedback corresponds to reviews from our users. These rankings are just another indicator of our dedication to constantly improving the lives of our users.

As a customer-centric company, we are always looking for ways to improve our product and add value to our users’ experience. Over the past few months, we have added even more new features and resources, including:

  • Updates to the responsive design email builder.
  • New articles, videos, and tutorials in the help center.
  • More integrations that expand our platform’s functionality to link with other tools our users find valuable.

If you have any suggestions of how we can be even better, please feel free to contact our customer happiness team at contact@sendinblue.com.

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