September 12, 2017

Announcing Sendinblue’s $36 Million Series A Funding

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Today, I’m very excited to announce that Sendinblue has raised $36 million in our Series A funding round led by Partech Ventures.

From the beginning, it has been our mission as a company to make life easier for small and medium sized businesses by providing an intuitive all-in-one digital marketing solution at a price that makes sense. Our new partnership with Partech Ventures is a great next step in advancing this mission as we continue our momentum and move into our next phase of growth.

Over the last few years, Sendinblue has experienced enormous growth. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Our team has grown to 85 employees across our three office locations: Paris, Seattle, and Noida, India
  • The Sendinblue platform is now available in six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese
  • Our user base has more than doubled every year since our founding in 2012
  • In the US alone, new customers grew by 125 percent year over year, and we expect this number to increase tenfold over the next four years
  • The number of active users has climbed to over 50,000
  • Every month, campaigns sent through our platform reach 300 million customers in 140 countries
  • Our platform now includes an advanced marketing automation feature that gives users more ability to personalize their interactions with customers, a tool that was previously reserved for organizations with enterprise-level budgets

What does this mean for the Sendinblue team?

At Sendinblue, we want to be synonymous with digital marketing for every single SMB around the world.

To get there, we need to be constantly innovating and improving our product. That is why we plan to hire 100 new employees across our three office locations and all departments, more than doubling Sendinblue’s global footprint. By growing the size of our team, we will be better positioned to execute our aggressive product roadmap and provide the best customer support possible for our growing user base.

What’s next for our users?

Our number one priority as a company is keeping our users happy, which starts with improving our product. With the additional funding, we plan to expand our feature offerings and library of integrations to give users even more power to communicate with their customers and integrate their other tools with the Sendinblue suite.

As we continue to innovate, our key focus will be to expand our platform beyond email and SMS into other advertising channels. Just like how we added marketing automation, we want to keep finding ways to simplify the lives of our users so they can manage all marketing communications from one easy-to-use platform.

In addition to adding new features, it’s also important that we remain available to users if they ever have a problem. We pride ourselves here at Sendinblue on providing excellent customer support, whether it’s through email, social media, or telephone. As we grow our team, we are committed to maintaining and building on this high quality of service for our users.

This new round of funding from Partech Ventures is an important milestone for Sendinblue, and it will only strengthen the dedication we have to our mission. We intend to use this investment to improve upon our successes, and we look forward bringing advanced digital marketing tools to SMBs across the globe.

– Armand Thiberge, CEO

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