October 23, 2015

Personalize Email Campaign Images with NiftyImages

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Making emails feel personal is a key strategy for connecting with your recipients and earning their attention. And no matter how you choose to personalize email campaigns, you’re almost guaranteed to see better response rates for personalized emails over generic campaigns blasted to all of your subscribers.

That’s why Sendinblue gives you the power to personalize email campaigns with any contact detail in your database including a name, birthday, anniversary… or any attribute that’s unique to your business!

Up to this point, personalization has been limited to integrating a contact’s text details into your email campaigns. Now we’re excited to share a clever new tool for creating and adding personalized images into your campaigns to generate even greater engagement!

Meet NiftyImages

NiftyImages lets Sendinblue users create a unique email experience for each subscriber by personalizing images. Now, any contact attribute in your Sendinblue database can be showcased in a custom image to capture readers’ attention and draw a higher click-through rate.

Birthday Personalization

How Does Image Personalization Work?

You can add an unlimited number of contact details in Sendinblue and use them to personalize your email campaigns. Need a refresher? Check out our personalization tutorial here!

Next, you’ll find an image to personalize in your campaign. Select an image that supports the theme of your message and includes enough white space (a.k.a. room) to layer on the personalized text. For extra effect, pick an image that will spark your reader’s emotions (puppies, sunsets, cute babies, a beautiful meal… you get the idea!).

As the perfect example, we’ll use this puppy photo (courtesy of Unsplash) to create a personalized image for a local pet rescue’s email campaign!

Creating NiftyImages

Inside the NiftyImages creator, you can:

  • Add upload your photo or use a free sample image,
  • Add, resize and style your text overlay,
  • Add a {txt} placeholder for your personalization and
  • Add backup replacement word for contacts who don’t have the details needed for personalization (here we use the word “friend”).
NiftyImage Creator

When you export the code snippet to be placed in your Sendinblue campaign, it will look something like this:

NiftyImages Code

Adding Your NiftyImages to Sendinblue

You’ll replace the text “FIRSTNAME” with the label of your Sendinblue contact detail, which will be unique to your account. You can see your contact detail labels in Sendinblue in your Contacts dashboard.

Sendinblue Contacts Dashboard

In Sendinblue, you can drop the code snippet into your campaign and it works in our Responsive Email Designer, Standard Editor and HTML Editor, so the choice is yours!

Tip: To ensure NiftyImage URLs operate correctly, check your Sendinblue account settings and confirm that the “Hide Image URLs” option is set to “No”. 

Hide Images URL Setting

Want step-by-step instructions?

Watch this quick tutorial video for details about creating NiftyImages and using them in your Sendinblue campaign:

What Can You Do?

With NiftyImages and Sendinblue, you can create images that make your readers feel known and spark their interest. Then it’s up to you where you invest that attention!

NiftyImages email personalization image
NiftyImages displays your back-up text (i.e. “today”) when a contact doesn’t have the details needed for personalization.
Spark 1
NiftyImages personalizes images to create unique experiences for your readers.

Want to give NiftyImages a try?

You can learn more about NiftyImages and create a free trial here.

Sendinblue users receive a 30% discount on 250,000 monthly impressions with the discount code: SendInBlue.

Test it out and let us know what you think!

Happy Sending!

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