October 30, 2019

How to Add a Newsletter Signup Form to a Facebook Page

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Are you casting a wide enough net for building your email list? When focusing on email list growth, it’s key to give leads many avenues to sign up for your newsletter. For example, you can leverage your social media following by generating newsletter signups from your Facebook page

When you invite Facebook users to share their email addresses with you directly in the Facebook app, you’re meeting your potential leads where they are.

This also saves them the step of having to navigate to your webpage before being able to sign up for your newsletter.

It’s easy to embed your signup form as a tab on your Facebook page. There’s no need for an external Facebook newsletter app or a special landing page.

This blog post shows you how to add a newsletter signup directly to your Facebook page in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Grab the iframe code for your Facebook newsletter signup form

If you don’t already have a signup form for your newsletter, you need to start by creating one with the email service provider (ESP) you are using for email marketing.

If you’re with Sendinblue, you can follow this detailed step-by-step for creating your signup form.

Register with Sendinblue to create signup forms now >>

Once you’ve created a newsletter signup form with your ESP, you need to copy the iframe code for that form. Whatever service you’re using should have an HTML or iframe snippet you can copy.

Here’s how to find it with Sendinblue:

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Forms, and select the form you want to share on your Facebook page 
  2. Scroll to the final step of the form, “Share”
  3. Under the option, “Embed,” you’ll see code for the iframe. Copy this snippet
Step 6 of creating a newsletter signup form on the Sendinblue platform gives you sharing options

Note that you can adjust the height and width tags at the top of the snippet you’ve copied.

It’s a good idea to do this for mobile optimization since 96% of Facebook users access the platform via mobile. We’ll get back to how to do this later.

Step 2: Add an iframe tab to your Facebook business profile

The Static HTML Facebook app lets you add tabs on the left-hand side of your Facebook page, so you can position your newsletter signup form prominently here.

These are what your Facebook tabs look like:


Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Static HTML Facebook page or search for their name in the Facebook search tab and click “Add Static HTML to a Page”
  2. Chose the page from your Facebook account that you want to add the signup form to
  3. Now you’ll be taken to your Facebook page and to the spot where the new tab will be. You’ll see that it has the provisionary tab label of “Welcome.” You can change that later. It should look like this. Click “Set up tab”
  4. You’ll be taken to a new page. Paste the iframe code from your signup form into the gray box, the index.html field
  5. Now’s the time to adjust the width of your iframe, so it’s optimized for Facebook mobile. The best width for Facebook mobile applications is 560 px. So, go ahead and set the iframe width tag to 560px instead of 540px after you paste your code in there
  6. Then, click on “Save & publish” to push your newsletter tab live

Step 3: Rename and reposition your newsletter signup form on your Facebook page

Your signup form is now on your Facebook page, but it’s hidden under a tab labeled “Welcome.” You need to rename the tab so that potential leads can find the newsletter signup form.

  1. Go to the Business Manager settings for your Facebook business page
  2. Click on Settings > Templates and Tabs. There you will find the static HTML tab called “Welcome.” It will be at the bottom of your tabs
  3. Click on Settings > Edit Settings to enter a new tab label. Choose a simple CTA that will encourage Facebook visitors to subscribe to your email list. It can be something as basic as “Sign Up for Our Newsletter”
  4. If you’d like to reposition the tab so it’s closer to the top of your page, just select the three lines to the left of it and drag it up

Congratulations, you’ve added a newsletter signup form to your Facebook page and now you can grow your email list directly from Facebook!

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