May 2, 2018

Marketing Advice and Content Ideas for May

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“May: the lilacs are in bloom. Forget yourself.”

While May is a great month to start enjoying the nice weather and lose yourself in the positive energy and longer days of late spring and early summer, you still shouldn’t forget about your marketing! Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated on those days when you’re distracted about planning your next outdoor Happy Hour with your team.

Important Dates and Events for May:

Star Wars Day: May 4

“May the 4th be with you!”

Star Wars has a cult-like following all over the world, and May 4 has become the day where die-hard fans express their enthusiasm for the series in all kinds of ways. This holiday has become an internet favorite, so don’t miss out on a great opportunity to connect with your fans in a fun and genuine way. This holiday is especially ripe for social media engagement.

Mother’s Day: May 13

I think most people can agree that moms have a tough job. Make sure you help your customers express their gratitude in the best way possible by providing gift ideas and other advice in your Mother’s Day newsletters and email promotions!

GDPR Enters into Effect: May 25

After months of hype, preparations, and endless updated privacy policy emails, the GDPR is finally going to enter effect this month. Are you ready?

Marketing Advice for May

Set up a double opt-in system for acquiring contacts

Is your hard bounce rate too high or your sender score too low? Try setting up a double opt-in process to make sure you’re getting contact information that is verified from contacts who actually have an interest in what you have to offer.

Add an email countdown for Mother’s Day

Despite our best efforts, people too often forget Mother’s Day because the date doesn’t stay the same year to year. Remind your subscribers as the date approaches with the help of an in-email countdown. This will create some urgency among recipients to buy a gift for mom, which will go nicely with the gift ideas that you include in your email. 😉

If you’re still using a noreply email address — STOP!

Using a noreply email address is about as old-fashioned and non-personalized as it gets in the email marketing world. Don’t make this mistake — stop using the noreply email and replace it with something better.

Keep improving your marketing in May!

That’s it for this month — see you at the beginning of June!

If you want to plan ahead, check out our ecommerce marketing calendar for 2018.

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