2 thoughts on “10 Ecommerce Email Examples to Get You Inspired for the Summer

  1. Thanks for the examples of email marketing. It’s definitely one of the channels that make it easier to contact with the customers. I also like its use in the cart abandonment process. I was also wondering what’s the difference between email marketing and marketing automation? I’ve recently started using GetResponse and they have this feature. Seems pretty interesting.

    1. Hi Lesley — I’m glad you liked the post.

      There are a few differences between email marketing and marketing automation:
      – Email marketing usually refers to the sending of one email to many recipients (email campaign). Email campaigns can be scheduled or sent immediately, but you have to decide when they are sent — they are not triggered by specific behavior or conditions.
      – Marketing automation refers to the automation of various marketing tasks (including sending an email, but also includes text messages, list management, and many more). These tasks are automatically performed by the automation software once certain “triggers” occur and certain conditions are met.

      For more info on marketing automation, we have a great post that goes over the basics. You can find it at https://www.sendinblue.com/blog/what-is-marketing-automation/

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