October 9, 2019

Trick or Treat: The Dos and Don’ts of Halloween Email Marketing

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Because it only comes once a year, it’s an awesome opportunity to create fun and engaging Halloween emails that your customers will love. This can lead to a MONSTER sales BOOOOst.

Terrible puns aside, it’s important that you make the most out of the Halloween marketing opportunities to create great Halloween emails.

This article will examine the dos and don’ts of Halloween email marketing to make sure your Halloween email campaigns are scary good (I guess I can’t help myself 😉).

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Email ContentDoUse wit and humor relevant to Halloween that will make your customer smile
Include Halloween-themed product recommendations if possible
Don’tUse boring copy
Overload your email with too much copy
Calls to ActionDoMake the goal of your email campaign clear from the get go
Create a hierarchy of CTAs
Don’tBury your Halloween call to action
Dilute your main CTA with too many other buttons
DesignDoImplement Halloween-style fonts and colors
Don’tUse the same old color scheme and branding from normal email campaigns

Email content

Email content is arguably the most important element of any email marketing campaign, but it’s especially important for Halloween emails. Here are some tips and things to avoid when planning out your campaigns.

Don’t use boring copy

Copy that blends in with other email campaigns will not get your readers excited about whatever seasonal offer you’re providing.

The whole point of a Halloween email campaign is to make the most of the timing to get people more engaged.

Do use wit and humor relevant to Halloween that will make your customer smile

As you can tell from my awful puns above, I enjoy a little timely wordplay.

Even if you think it’s unfashionable to use Halloween puns and jokes in your emails, remember that there is charm in being unfashionable. It humanizes your brand and opens up the emotional connection for your readers to the holiday season.

For an excellent example of this, take a look at this Halloween email from Blue Apron (source: Reallygoodemails):

Don’t overload your email with too much copy

Consumers only take an average of 11.1 seconds to read an email. That means you don’t have much time to get them to do what you want.

To get the best results, avoid including too much content explaining your offer. That’s what your website’s for!

Just focus on getting them to a landing page where they’ll be more willing to read the details.

Do include Halloween-themed product recommendations if possible

The best way to make the most of the Halloween holiday is to link your business offering to the season.

You can do this in 2 ways:

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  • Show product recommendations for products that are Halloween-themed.
  • Find products that are “scary” and recommend them in a fun way that draws readers in.

For a great example of the second point, check out this Halloween email from Fortnum and Mason (source: Reallygoodemails). They curated their top Halloween products to go with the theme. We also love how they incorporated Halloween storytelling into the email copy!

Halloween product marketing example

Calls to action (CTA)

Calls to action in your Halloween emails are super important because they clarify to the reader exactly what you want them to do.

But, be mindful of how you use them to make sure you get optimal results.

Don’t bury your Halloween call to action

Always make sure the your CTA is both visible and eye-catching, like in this piece of Halloween marketing from Designmodo (source: Reallygoodemails)

Halloween email call to action example

Do make the goal of your email campaign clear from the get go

As I mentioned above, customers don’t spend a whole lot of time reading emails. That’s why you need to get straight to the point.

If you’re having a sale on certain items, or you’re promoting a special Halloween promotional discount coupon, don’t wait to tell your readers. By getting straight to the point, you’re showing customers that you care about their time.

For example, look at this email from Framebridge (source: Reallygoodemails):

Email example

This email is simple and straight to the point. Readers know exactly what value they’re getting if they click through instead of having to read in between the lines.

Don’t dilute your main CTA with too many other buttons

In the tip above we talked about getting straight to the point with your objective.

One way to prevent that from happening is including multiple conflicting CTAs that blur the goal of the email campaign into multiple different actions.

Do create a hierarchy of CTAs

If you want to give readers multiple choices, you should create a hierarchy with one (or maybe two) main CTA using a solid-colored button. Then create a subsidiary group of CTAs that use an outline-only button or a simple link.

365games do an awesome job of it in this halloween email (source: Reallygoodemails):


Don’t use the same old color scheme and branding from normal email campaigns

Halloween is a time to get creative with your emails! That means they shouldn’t look like every other email you send out.

Because let’s be honest, if you’re not going to make it fun and on-theme, are you really sending a Halloween email at all?!

Do implement Halloween-style fonts and colors

The whole point of seasonal email promotions is that they’re… seasonal. Using Halloween colors and spooky looking text can go a long way in increasing your engagement rates.

society 6 Halloween email

Note how the example above creates a Halloween themed email while still maintaining a cohesive brand feel for readers.


Now that you’ve got a better feel for what to do and not to do for your Halloween email marketing, it’s time for you to get those email campaigns sent!

Sendinblue’s drag & drop email builder will help you create attractive and engaging Halloween emails. Just sign up for a free trial to try it out.

But, remember that all of these tips should be taken in moderation. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing in the end.

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Happy Halloween marketing!

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