May 30, 2022

7 Father’s Day Email Examples to Wow Your Customers

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With Father’s Day just around the corner — June 19th — now’s the time to start sending Father’s Day email campaigns to showcase your best gift ideas for dad. 

Despite being a smaller spending holiday than Mother’s Day, Father’s Day remains a key sales opportunity for ecommerce businesses and marketers. Just take a look at the numbers.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates Father’s Day spending at $171.79 per person. Moreover, 76% of consumers plan on celebrating Father’s Day with family and friends.

As with any gift-giving holiday, email marketing opportunities are ripe for the taking. 🍒

What Type of Business Should Send Father’s Day Emails?

With the right messaging, any brick-and-mortar retailer or ecommerce store can benefit from this gift-giving holiday. 

Whether you’re a small business or an established retail chain, consumer holidays are central to any B2C email marketing strategy, and Father’s Day is no exception.

Are you selling something that would make a good gift for dad? If yes, run a Father’s Day email campaign. 

So many products are applicable to Father’s Day, whether it’s physical or experience-based gifts (holidays, outings, restaurant vouchers, etc.). 

Looking for an affordable email provider to send Father’s Day email blasts? Test-drive Sendinblue’s free plan with 300 emails a day and unlimited subscribers (no credit card required). 

7 Father’s Day Email Examples to Inspire Your Campaign

The secret to driving more sales with a Father’s Day email marketing campaign is capturing your subscribers’ attention.

The best Father’s day email will have a curated selection of Father’s Day goodies, clever visuals,  a catchy subject line, and an enticing offer. 

Use this checklist to create your own Father’s Day email campaign:

  • Make the offer valid within a limited time frame to create a sense of urgency
  • Include a clearly visible CTA (call to action)
  • Explain the offer conditions and how to use any discount codes (e.g. Get an Extra $15 Off your order using promo code ‘DADROCKS’ when you spend $80 or more. Simply apply the code at checkout.
  • If the subscriber doesn’t engage the first time around, use marketing automation to send another email reminder before the Father’s Day sale ends
  • Scale multi-channel marketing by promoting the special offer on social media and other channels

Remember when it comes to getting noticed, your Father’s Day email subject line will do the bulk of the heavy lifting.

The subject line is your subscribers’ first impression of your email campaign. If it’s not enticing or relevant, they won’t open your email. That’s right —they won’t even see your great Father’s Day offers. 😱

That’s why you should really put extra effort into your Father’s Day email subject line!

With the above in mind let’s dive into the best Father’s Day email examples that you can use as inspiration for your own marketing efforts.

1. Father’s Day Sale – DrinkSpy

One surefire way to boost revenue and fend off the competition is with a Father’s Day sale, discount or special offer.

Just like in this Father’s Day email from DrinkSpy. Shoppers looking for Dad’s favorite beer will be happy to grab a crate or two while the sale lasts.

A Happy Father's Day email example from DrinkSpy

Created with Sendinblue

It’s also a good example of how to showcase a large number of products in a way that’s easy to digest.

2. Father’s Day Gift Guide – Discover Books

Discover Books put forward its best selection of Dad products in an email gift guide to highlight Dad-approved products. 

Figuring out what dad really wants and finding that perfect gift takes time and effort. By presenting great Father’s Day gift ideas in your email, you’re doing your subscribers a favor.

If your store sells lots of different things, narrow down the selection so that it’s super relevant for dad. A curated approach makes it easy for subscribers to find the perfect gift without having to think or take too much action.

Father’s Day gift guides are a sure-fire way to promote your best ‘dad products’ and provide value for customers. It’s a win-win scenario. 

3. Father’s Day Experience – Airbnb

Airbnb’s Father’s Day email campaign is a prime example of how gift guides shouldn’t be limited to just physical gifts. Experiences and activities make some of the best gifts for dad.


So if you’re offering experience-based gifts (trips, concerts, sporting activities, etc.), pop them into your email as well.

4. Father’s Day Bundle – MudGear

A key tip is to focus on the benefits and outcomes (i.e. what dad really wants), just like outdoor apparel store MudGear did in its Father’s Day email.

Make your gift guide more targeted with a high-value Father’s Day bundle.  

Created with Sendinblue

Putting together a number of goods or services in a combined package makes it even easier for subscribers to know what to get dad—and get value for money too. 

Because that’s the thing: Bundle pricing has a powerful psychological impact on consumers. It creates a perception of increased value and savings that’s hard to resist.

By offering a great Father’s Day deal, you can get subscribers to spend more than they usually would and increase your average basket value.    

For this approach to be successful, you’ll need to really demonstrate the value of the bundle as a gift for dad.

5. Father’s Day Personalized Gift – Codeverse

A product that customers can either customize or add a personal message makes for a much more meaningful Father’s Day gift. 

In its Father’s Day email campaign Codeverse showed its customers how they can code up a custom video game for Dad.


Gift mugs and ties are fun but some people want more original ways to show their appreciation for dad like a personalized gift.

Set yourself apart from the competition by offering something more unique in your Father’s Day email campaign.

If your store sells products that only you offer, promote these to your subscribers. The idea is to surprise dad with something he’d never expect.

6. Father’s Day Accessories – Printster

There’s nothing worse than running around at the last minute trying to find a Father’s Day card and wrapping paper. 

Printster advertised extra items like gift wrapping and Father’s Day cards to make it easier for its shoppers to prep their gifts.

For the least organized among us, it’s best to pick up these items at the same time as the main gift. 

So if your ecommerce business also sells cards and gift wrap, one idea is to feature them in your Father’s Day email. Alternatively, offer them as extras at checkout.  

This is a great way to further capitalize on Father’s Day spending and create a convenient gifting experience. 

7. Father’s Day Gift Cards –  Dolla Shave Club

So your subscribers missed the last round of orders to deliver in time for Father’s Day? 

Not a problem. Gift cards can be delivered digitally — that’s how simple Dollar Shave Club made its gift card buying experience.


Gift cards are the ideal solution for last-minute shoppers and an easy way to give a final boost to your Father’s Day marketing revenue.

Reel in last-minute shoppers with email automation. Create an automated sequence to target non-buyers with a ‘Buy a gift card’ campaign the day before Father’s Day. 

Set it, forget it, and watch the sales roll in. 

Other Approaches to Father’s Day Emails

It doesn’t have to be all ‘sell, sell, sell’ in email marketing. You can also use your Father’s Day email to tell a story or share a message that showcases your values and appeals to your audience’s emotions.

An engaging email on Father’s Day wouldn’t be true to form without a few light-hearted dad jokes.

Keep it real and authentic. The more you connect with customers emotionally, the more likely they’ll remember you.

Wish your customers a happy Father’s day 

Is your audience primarily composed of adult males? Reinforce your brand positioning and foster positive brand sentiment by wishing customers a happy Father’s Day directly.

Watch Beardbrand do exactly that with the subject line ‘Shoutout to all the Dads’.


Offer an ‘opt-out’ for Father’s Day emails

It’s important to recognize that for some people, Father’s Day can be emotionally triggering. In 2021 we saw brands like Etsy and Pandora give their subscribers the option to opt out of Mother’s Day emails.  

If you’d like to take the same approach for Father’s Day, this can be easily set up with Sendinblue.

Simply add an ‘I don’t want to receive Father’s Day emails’ option on an Update Profile form

The Update Profile feature gives existing subscribers a chance to update their information and email preferences.

Create a custom ‘Father’s Day opt-out’ attribute and add the option to an Update Profile form. Include a link to the form in the footer of your emails and simply exclude the opt-out subscribers from your Father’s Day campaign.   

Father’s Day Email Design Best Practices

Apart from having a killer subject line, an effective Father’s Day email depends largely on the email design. Here’s a design checklist to help you get it right:


  • Use plenty of blank space so your Father’s Day gift guide doesn’t look cluttered or overwhelming
  • Always use high-quality images (more tips in our guide to newsletter images)
  • Make sure your branding and logo is still easily recognized amid all the other design elements
  • Highlight CTA buttons with colors that stand out


  • Use images that are too large or too small as these can cause email deliverability issues
  • Forget to check that the content renders correctly on different devices and email clients (send a test email campaign to yourself beforehand) 
  • Clutter your email with too many CTAs that confuse your customers

Design an engaging Father’s Day email template

If you’re a beginner email marketer, a drag-and-drop email builder is your best bet for headache-free email design.

Most ESPs (Sendinblue included) have an in-built email builder. 

Simply drag and drop the required content blocks onto the email body. No coding required.

Here’s a sneak peek at Sendinblue’s drag-and-drop editor:

Get a headstart on your Father’s Day email with a customizable email template. There are plenty of free email templates available online.

Design emails for free with Sendinblue

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Make sure your website landing pages are optimized for mobile

61.9% of emails are opened on mobile.

Emails created with Sendinblue’s Drag and Drop editor are mobile-friendly by default. But what about the landing pages you’re linking out to?  

Even the best Father’s Day email won’t generate any sales if the shopping experience is problematic on mobile.

On mobile devices, less is more. Avoid complex, crowded pages with too many buttons. Simple, clean, fast-loading pages are the way to go. 

When testing your Father’s Day email campaign, simulate the user journey on mobile. This gives you time to flag and fix any potential issues with landing pages.

Don’t neglect this step, it could be the downfall of your entire campaign.

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Start Planning Your Father’s Day Email Campaign 

Now that you’ve got the know-how and our top insider tips, you should be ready to start preparing and sending your Father’s Day campaigns.

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