August 13, 2015

[INFOGRAPHIC] Building a Marketing Funnel Through Email

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Email Marketing | Marketing Funnel Infographic

Your #1 mission as a marketer is often feeding the marketing and sales funnel with fresh leads.

And as marketing automation plays a growing role in qualifying, nurturing and converting those leads, it’s more important than ever that your prospects and customers see you as a real, live human (and not Mr. Roboto)!

Building this type of relationship through email marketing might seem challenging since you’re the only one “talking”. However, we know from experience that strong, engaging connections can be built by developing your campaigns with a disarmingly personal tone.

Personalizing Your Marketing Funnel with Email

Check your Tin Man oil can at the door and let this infographic guide you in the art of using email to build trust and familiarity with your future customers.

Whether you’re in a B2B or B2C marketing space, applying these tips to your email marketing is as easy (and refreshing) as throwing back a glass of ice cold lemonade!

Email Marketing | Marketing Funnel Infographic

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