April 6, 2015

4 Email Marketing Experts to Follow

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Now that March has blown by, we wanted to recap some of the top email marketing experts’ best posts from the month for you. Obviously, it’s hard to pick just four that are worthy of the spotlight, but these provide what we feel are really valuable insights and so are well worth your time.

Like any other form of marketing, email marketing practices and strategies change and evolve. But there are also basic best practices. These experts deliver tips on both. We read a ton of different resources every day to stay on top of it all and have found a number worth following.

So without further ado, here are our favorite email marketing experts from last month and some of the top tips that they shared. And, we’re including their Twitter handles to make it easy for you to follow them regularly, too.

Jordie van Rijn (tweets @jvanrijn)

In The Tease Factor: How to Optimize your Email Marketing for Engagement, Jordie throws a video of monkeys in to make the point that your customers will reject poorly optimized emails. Monkeys always get our attention, but this post goes beyond the fun factor with practical ideas about optimizing engagement. He offers four steps to help you see your email campaigns differently. Try his thought exercise:

1. Lay out all your emails side by side and see how many are purely focused on direct purchases. This leaves no choice for the people that, at that time, do not want to buy. When there is no meaningful alternative presented, they cannot (be expected to) interact.

2. Add to that all the emails where the gist or your entire message is in the email itself. This doesn’t encourage any activity “beyond the read”.

3. And then the mails that, in the eyes of the recipient, contain a repeated message. Without variation there is no incentive for active recipients to further engage with your brand.

4. Finally we look at the emails that remain (if there are any). For what percentage of your email list are those really interesting? Are they also geared towards the profile of a – soon to be – inactive recipient?

Jordie’s posts are on www.emailmonday.com

Chad White (tweets @chadswhite)

It may be the start of spring but Chad is thinking about Christmas. That’s because retailers are planning for the holiday sales now. He’s offered timely slides on 6 Retail Email Marketing Priorities for 2015. This one especially hit home:

“Email conversion rates on smartphones are about half of what they are on tablets and desktops. The majority of that gap is due to poor design rather than consumer preference.”

He shares his more of his Salesforce Marketing Cloud notes at www.emailmarketingrules.com.

Daniel Faggella (tweets @danfaggella)

Spoiler alert! The 4 Areas of Email Marketing Improvement are Collecting, Connecting, Converting, and Circulating in Daniel’s post on the Marketing Land site. He steps through the details of the metrics and tools that can be applied to make your marketing better and also lists the pesky “common errors” that every email marketer should learn to avoid.

Following all those happy conversions with a strategy he call “circulating” will help your organization develop deep campaigns to reach long-time and repeat customers. He notes:

This phase is towards the end of the customer lifecycle but should be viewed as a continued portion of the customer or prospect relationship with the company. It’s safe to say that this is where 90% of businesses ‘drop the ball’ in terms of maintaining relationships with valuable prospect and customer groups. Optimizing this phase means the construction of a profit-rich database that a company can draw upon again and again for sales and referrals.”

Daniel posts on Marketing Land and Duct Tape Marketing, a site for small businesses.

Entreprenuer’s Email Marketing Posts

Our last pick is a growing collection of experts. In March, we were especially impressed by Sujan Patel’s post on 10 Ways to Improve the Open Rates of Your Marketing Emails. He asks:

“Did you know that there’s a form of marketing that returns $44.25 for every $1 spent? … Far from being ‘dead,’ email marketing still has one of the highest engagement rates and returns on investment of any marketing strategy.”

We agree. While Sujan doesn’t often post on email marketing, the site pulls in a variety of voices providing expert advice on the topic.

That wraps up our four fab favorites from last month. Check back soon to get more ideas on how to improve your email marketing efforts.

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