September 10, 2019

4-week Bulletproof Retargeting Campaign to Skyrocket your Sales

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Have you had an opportunity to read our article Art of Retargeting: The Complete Guide?

If not, we recommend you check it out before reading this post. If you already know all about retargeting and its benefits, then get ready to put your knowledge into practice!

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So, let’s get to it by building your first bulletproof retargeting campaign.

Week 1

For week 1, you will target non-buyers with a brand awareness campaign. Basically, you will take a look at your analytics, and see which pages get a lot of traffic but the visitors leave without taking any action.

This week you will target everyone who has failed to make a purchase or take any action on your site. Your campaign banners should only show your logo, and your unique selling proposition(USP). Wondering how to define your USP? Just ask yourself what sets you apart, and bingo, you have your USP.

This campaign shouldn’t last more than 7 days. On day 8 you’ll move to the next week’s strategy.  

Week 2

On days 8 through 14, you’ll create another campaign targeting the same audience, but this time you will change your banners and creatives to show product or service features, including product name, your logo, headline, and a strong call to action.

Week 3 

On day 15, you will continue to target the same group. You’ll add to your already product-specific banners an additional offer such as a 10% discount code, free shipping, etc.

On day 22 you will move to the strategy of the final week where you will give it your all. ?

Week 4

In this final week, you’re going to hit your retargeting audience with an offer that can’t be refused. This is where you go all out by offering an even bigger discount, free trial, or anything that can help you get that sale!

Why go to all this effort? Because once you convert someone into a customer, it’ll be a lot easier to upsell or cross-sell to him or her later.

In fact, you have a 60 – 70% chance of upselling or cross-selling to an existing customer. In comparison, the likelihood of selling to a new user is 5-20%. It has also been proven that existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spent 30% more, when compared to new users.

Got any questions or want to share your retargeting campaign results? You can find me on the Sendinblue Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Happy retargeting! ?

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