April 11, 2017

10 Marketing Tools that Will Help Your Business Grow

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I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that most businesses are always looking to grow. This is especially true with startups (whose very definition is based on the ability to grow and scale).

But, knowing you want to grow, and actually achieving growth are two very different things. You’re not just going to get jacked like Arnold Schwarzenegger by thinking about it, right?

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If only it was that easy.

So, how DO you grow your business? The same way that Arnold became Arnold — working hard and using the right tools.

But, business growth requires a different set of tools than dumbbells and protein powder. Choosing the best growth marketing tools is not nearly as straightforward.

Here at Sendinblue, we strive to be helpful. So, we decided to put together a list of the top 10 growth marketing tools that have helped us gain over 50,000 active users.

If you want your business to grow like Mr. Schwarzenegger, you NEED to start using these tools:

1. CrazyEgg

Analyze the performance of every element on your website

First up on our list is the awesome website analysis tool, CrazyEgg. CrazyEgg helps you understand how users interact with your site using any combination of their 4 products:

  • Heatmap – Lets you visualize where people have clicked on your site. This helps you optimize CTAs and sign-up flows on your site to make things easier for your users.
    CrazyEgg Heatmap
  • Scrollmap – Shows you how far down the page people are scrolling. This allows you to identify where people abandon page so that you can make changes to ensure your users don’t miss anything important.
    CrazyEgg ScrollMap
  • Overlay – Shows you how many clicks each element on your site has received. This givess you a better understanding of which elements are drawing the most attention or generating the most interest.
    CrazyEgg Overlay
  • Confetti – Gives you a visualization of all the clicks on your site, and also allows you to segment clicks based on a number of features (source, search term, etc.). Use this if you want to analyze the behavior of different types of users.
    CrazyEgg Confetti

How CrazyEgg Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

Here at Sendinblue, we have been using CrazyEgg for several years.

We used their products to inform our website redesign in 2015. CrazyEgg allowed us to identify missed opportunities and conversion barriers on our site that could be improved.

Using CrazyEgg, we also look at user behavior on our product platform to identify bottlenecks and areas with low engagement. Then, we make the necessary changes to improve user experience and provide the most value to our customers.

Whether it was improving on-site conversions, or keeping existing customers happy, CrazyEgg has been a very useful tool.

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2. Moz

Perform SEO & competitor research

If you haven’t heard of Moz, you need to check them out. They have several useful tools that make SEO and competitor research much easier.

Mox Keyword Explorer

Some of the tools are free, but if you really want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to sign up for a Moz Pro account. Although it’s not free — you definitely won’t regret it. Moz lets you drill down on your SEO and track progress to know what works, and what doesn’t.

How Moz Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

We use Moz for 4 main purposes:

  • SEO Research – We set up a Moz campaign for our site. This lets us see how our site performs in search results for various keywords over time. We also use Moz to audit the SEO on our site to check for broken links and other factors that harm our ranking.
  • Keyword Research – The keyword research tool on Moz helps us decide which keywords we should optimize for in our content. It also shows us where other opportunities for SEO exist.
  • Blogger Outreach and Link Building – Moz lets you setup email alerts when certain keywords are mentioned in content on the web. We set up alerts that notify us when someone mentions us in a post, or if they release an article about our industry. Once we have this information, we can reach out to the authors and develop a relationship.
  • Competitor Research – Campaigns and alerts can be setup to monitor competitors’ as well. We use this functionality to compare SEO progress and link building. We also use it to find outreach opportunities for content that includes competitor information.

Basically, Moz lets you listen to the internet without having to do the work on your own (which would take FOREVER!).

We love it because it is a super powerful tool to improve your SEO, which will make it easier for new users to find you and sign up!

3. Canva

Make awesome visual graphics with no design experience

Canva is a seriously awesome freemium graphic design tool. Think of it like a much more intuitive and easy-to-use (albeit less powerful) Photoshop.

The tool requires no design experience (trust me, I would know), and it has a ton of stored elements and templates to help you get started.

Canva Dreate a design

If you sign up for a paid account, you also get unlimited storage. This means you can create as many graphics as you want! You can also store custom fonts and logos to reuse for all of your creations.

How Canva Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

Canva is our go-to tool for a variety of graphic design needs. We especially love the ability to customize fonts for consistency and store company logos that can be reused in any graphic.

Canva has enabled us to create brand-consistent graphics to enhance our content. This could mean a slide deck presentation, an Open Graph image for social media, or an illustration to visually represent an idea from a post. With these graphics, our content becomes more engaging and more recognizable.

Additionally, these graphics can be saved on our Canva account and reused whenever we want (Quora, our website, related blog posts, etc.). This functionality lets you create a process around certain types of graphics which makes it easier to scale visual content creation.

All of these features have improved the efficiency of our graphic design tasks. This ensures that we always have awesome-looking visuals to bring in more customers with our content.

4. Sprout Social

Manage all of your social media accounts in one place

Sprout Social is an online platform that lets you schedule social media posts and manage social media communications all in one place.

Sprout Social

From your sprout account, you can view analytics reports for every social media account that you link with Sprout Social. You can also compare analytics if you have multiple accounts for the same social media platform.

How Sprout Social Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

When we are trying to get the word out, we always turn to Sprout Social. It’s useful in scheduling content to promote, and communicating important messages across social media platforms.

There are a few things in particular that we couldn’t live without:

  • Shared social inbox that allows our global marketing team to co-manage all channels seamlessly.
  • Being able to assign messages to specific team members.
  • Integration with Zendesk to automatically add social media tickets to our customer service queue.
  • Integration with bit.ly, which allows us to generate shortened links that are trackable from our bit.ly account.

Being able to manage all of our social media communication in one place makes it much easier to promote content and attract new users. It also enables us to easily respond to any problems that our current users may have in real time. Both of these things add up to make Sprout Social an important part of our growth here at Sendinblue.

5. Kissmetrics

Discover your best customers using customer analytics

If you want to know more about your customers and how they flow through your conversion funnel, Kissmetrics is a great tool to use.


Kissmetrics lets you create segments of customers based on their actions or other parameters, such as cohorts. Then, you can analyze their on-site behavior. This helps you identify your best customers and see how they interact with your site.

As you analyze customer behavior, Kissmetrics gives you the ability to drill down on customers and see if there are any spots in your funnel where you lose them.

How Kissmetrics Has Helped Sendinblue

We use Kissmetrics to understand how users sign up for Sendinblue accounts.By learning more about our users’ behavior with Kissmetrics, we were able to identify where our best users were coming from and how they converted.

It also helped us find barriers to conversion and areas for improvement in our funnel. This ensures that we aren’t missing any opportunities for conversions on our site.

6. Slack

Streamline your team’s communication

Internal communication is essential to the success of a growing business. Slack is a messenger application that enables everyone to easily communicate and collaborate on shared projects.


In addition to direct messages between two or more people, Slack also has “Channels.” Channels are like chat rooms that make it easier for any team member to chime in and collaborate on a project.

How Slack Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

Slack has totally revamped how we communicate here at Sendinblue. As an international company with offices in 3 different countries, having a good communication tool is essential.

Channels allow our teams to easily collaborate, while also providing complete transparency to anyone in the company. By siloing communication on different projects to specific channels, we can always keep the discussion on-topic. The thread feature also makes it super easy to follow-up on specific ideas that come up in channels.

Slack gives every team member the power to contribute and share relevant information to help a project succeed. As the saying goes: “Two heads are better than one.” Also — the ability to add custom emojis is a BIG plus. 🙂

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7. Piktochart

Create brilliant charts and infographics in no time

If you’re anything like me, then you probably find creating infographics a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, the people over at Piktochart have your back. Piktochart is a graphic design tool that focuses on creating beautiful infographics and charts to represent your data.


With 600+ templates and dozens of chart types, you will definitely find what you need to create eye-catching graphics.

How Piktochart Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

Although I hate to admit it, some people find data boring — :gasp: I know, it’s awful. But, data is important when you want to make a point. With Piktochart, we don’t have to compromise on using data to improve our content here at Sendinblue.

If we want to make beautiful charts that are engaging and draw more people in, Piktochart is our go-to solution.

8. BuzzSumo

Step up your content research and link building strategy

If you want to attract customers to your business, they have to be able to find you or hear about you. Content is one of the best ways to get the word out about your business. But, how do you know which content works? BuzzSumo is your answer.


This tool lets you look up content by keyword and see which articles had the most engagement on social media.

BuzzSumo also lets you see trending content, and do a backlink analysis of any page or domain. You can even use it to identify the most engaging content on an entire domain. This is especially useful if you want to audit your own content and refurbish the most engaging posts.

How BuzzSumo Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

BuzzSumo is a very important piece of our content marketing puzzle at Sendinblue. We use the app for multiple stages of our content creation process, including:

  • Ideation – When brainstorming ideas, BuzzSumo is an awesome tool to validate topics that receive a lot of engagement. It can also be useful in identifying opportunities in topics that don’t have much content.
  • Title creation – Thinking of the perfect title for a blog post is one of the biggest challenges content marketers face. BuzzSumo is a great resource to look at which titles are receiving a lot of engagement and identify how you can stand out from the crowd.
  • Link building – BuzzSumo provides a really easy way to find content that you can link to for additional context in your posts. You can also use it to find articles that could link to YOUR content. This is a good practice for SEO, and it also provides additional value to your readers.

Using BuzzSumo for these three steps has helped our content bring in more traffic to our blog and ultimately more users to our platform.

9. Visual Web Optimizer

Optimize every detail of your website

If you do anything “digital” with your business these days, then you probably know what A/B testing is. But, in case you need a refresh — A/B testing is implementing two different versions of something (popup, email, landing page, web page, etc.), and seeing which one works the best.


Visual Web Optimizer is a tool that helps implement A/B tests and track the results. With this tool, you can see exactly how effective each version is compared to the other.

How Visual Web Optimizer Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

Just like squeezing every drop of juice from a lemon to make lemonade, we are always trying to get the best conversion rate out of our website. This allows us to grow, and makes things easier for our users.

Visual Web Optimizer enables us to run tests on our website to constantly optimize how it performs and helps visitors find what they need. It was especially helpful in testing our sign up calls-to-action (color, placement, number of forms, etc.) on our website.

10. Pipedrive

Monitor your sales funnel and build relationships with prospects

The final tool on our list is Pipedrive. Pipedrive is a powerful sales pipeline management tool. It allows you to keep track of your prospects and see where they are in the sales funnel. The platform also has funnel templates to help you set up your sales tracking and build a sales process.


Pipedrive also shows you which prospects you need to reach out to. It even prioritizes them within each sales funnel step based on previous engagements!

Source: Pipedrive.com

How Pipedrive Has Helped Sendinblue Grow

As a sales management platform, you can probably imagine how Pipedrive has helped Sendinblue grow.

Our sales team uses Pipedrive to track multiple sales funnels and coordinate outreach accordingly. The notifications and tracking in Pipedrive ensure that we never miss out on following up with a prospective customer at the right time. This allows us to form better relationships with customers, and it keeps our business development process fine-tuned.

Bonus – 11. Sendinblue Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive marketing tasks at enormous scale

Since we are talking about tools that have helped us grow, we thought it was necessary to include one shameless plug.

What is marketing automation example

Sendinblue’s marketing automation software lets you create automated “workflows” that automatically perform a marketing task based on certain characteristics and conditions.

Check out these articles for more info about marketing automation:
What is marketing automation? | Top 8 Marketing Automation Workflow Examples

Users enter workflows once they meet an entry point criterion. These points include:

  • A basic attribute (sign-up date, birthday)
  • Completes an email or website activity
  • Submits form data
  • Visits your website.

Our third-party integrations, like those with WordPress and Zapier, open up an even broader world of possibilities for creating workflows.

Once the conditions for a workflow are met, the planned marketing tasks are performed. These tasks include adding the user to an email list, giving them points for lead-scoring, or sending them an email or text message.

How Our Platform Has Helped Us Grow

Because we are a SaaS company ourselves, it makes sense that we use our own products. Automation is super helpful in welcoming new users to our platform or showing them new features that might help them get more value.


All of the growth marketing tools listed above have been instrumental in our continued success as a company. Ho, efully you found some tools that you can use to grow your business as well!

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